CASPER Seminar: "Low Density Waveguides for Laser Wakefield Acceleration"

DateOctober 5, 2018
Time2:30 - 3:30 pm
LocationBaylor Sciences Building, room C.206

Baylor University and CASPER present:

Isabella Pagano

Graduate Student, University of Texas - Austin

Low Density Waveguides for Laser Wakefield Acceleration

We simulate the possibility of scaling channel formation via inverse Bremsstrahlung (IB) heating to low-Z, low-ne plasmas using pulses up to 300 ps in duration, as well as generating tenuous plasmas of centimeter to meter lengths using femtosecond optical field ionization (OFI)[1]. Results show IB heating up to tens of eV, and channels formed from an initial density of 1 x 1018 cm-3 with axial densities as low as 1 x 1017 cm-3, and radius of 50µm. It has been shown that channel generation via OFI heating can generate waveguides at densities of ≈ 1 x 1017 cm-3 over distances of several centimeters[2]; we will study how channel formation over these distances with an axicon forms from a computational and theoretical perspective. Lastly, we will outline the experimental setup to be used in future experiments at the U. Texas Tabletop Terawatt (UT3) facility.


[1] N. Lemos et al., Phys Plasmas, vol. 20, p. 103109, 2013.

[2] R. Shalloo et al., Phys Rev E., vol. 97, p. 053203, 2018.

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PublisherCenter for Astrophysics, Space Physics & Engineering Research (CASPER)
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