2018 Spring Physics Colloquium Series: Theofanis N. Kitsopoulos, Ph.D.

DateJanuary 24, 2018
Time4:00 - 5:00 pm
LocationBaylor Sciences Building, Room E.125
Studying Site Specific Dynamics and Kinetics on Surfaces using Velocity Selected Ion Imaging

I will introduce how to apply slice ion imaging to study the dynamics and kinetics of reactions on surfaces. The first demonstration involves the study the site specific oxidation of CO on Pt(111) and Pt(332) crystals. This new method allows for measurements of the true kinetic traces i.e., CO2 product flux vs. reaction time. Because the symmetry and orientation of the active site strongly influences the speeds and desorption angles of newly formed products, we are able to identify for the first time, the elementary reactions steps and extract the respective rate constants (activation energies and prefactors) for this benchmark reaction of heterogeneous catalysis, thus settling open questions that spanned more than 3 decades.

PublisherDepartment of Physics
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