Doctor of Philosophy Oral Defense - Yaobiao Xia

DateOctober 17, 2017
Time2:00 - 4:00 pm
LocationBaylor Sciences Building, Rom C.230
Doctor of Philosophy Oral Defense

Yaobiao Xia

Advisor: Zhenrong Zhang, Ph.D.

Imaging Surface Reactions at Molecular
Level on TiO2 Surfaces

Understanding the structure and properties of TiO2 surfaces is critical to achieve a better understanding of heterogeneous catalytic reactions on TiO2. In this thesis, rutile TiO2 (110) and anatase TiO2 (001) surfaces have been investigated using scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). The approach of comparison of the same nanoscale area during reaction allows the site-specific molecular-level understanding of surface catalytic reactions.

PublisherDepartment of Physics
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