Calendar Help

The New Calendar: Itís LIVE!

This page will help you familiarize yourself with how the updated calendar works.

Whoa, this is different!

A lot has changed since the calendarís inception, and our updated version uses some new technologies to make finding and viewing events faster and easier.

Different…but the Same

Aside from the changes listed below, the information you expect to see on the calendar still remains. You can get information about the event, date/time, online registration, and download a vCal file for each event.

How It Works: Event Listing

New Baylor Calendar

Events by affinity

The most important new feature is the calendar tabs along the top of the page. From here, you can view the university-wide and academic calendars, plus you can select a calendar of events that pertain to you: Students, Faculty & Staff, or Alumni & Friends.


Event categories are positioned along the left side of the page are easier to access. The available categories correspond to the tabs at the top, so you may see different categories under Current Students than you would under Faculty & Staff.


Search is a new feature and allows you to search for events within the university calendar. This is the perfect tool to use if you are looking for a specific event.

Quick Calendar

The calendar display has been revised to allow you to cycle through months and days without waiting for the page to refresh. Much like Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook, this Quick Calendar allows you to move through months and pinpoint a specific point in time.

Previous and Next Buttons

Adjacent to the date display, you can cycle forward and backward to view events. These buttons correspond to your view within the calendar: if you are in the weekly view, each click will move you one week. If youíre viewing months, each click will cycle you an entire month. Unlike the quick calendar, each click will refresh the page with events for that time period.

How It Works: Individual Event Display

New Baylor Calendar - Event Display

No Popups

Within the calendar site, events will appear within the main frame of your browser. This will minimize any conflicts from popup-blockers and make the site more search-engine friendly.

Context Calendar

To help indicate when an event happens within the month, a context calendar will appear as you move your mouse over the date. If you use a touch screen device such as the iPhone or iPad, you can see this context calendar by clicking on the date.

Social Media

At the base of each event, you can Like or Tweet the event and share it with your friends.

Other Questions

Academic Calendar

Academic calendar items such as class dates for semesters, spring break dates, commencements, and other major university dates, are posted to the calendar by representatives from the University Calendar Committee.

Posting An Item On The Calendar

Baylor departments, programs, schools, colleges, and organizations who have a web site on campus should use the events component of the Baylor Content Management System (CMS) to post their events. When this is setup for your department, any events you post and "share" will automatically flow through to the university calendar. Student organizations can also get their events on the calendar by approving them through the Student Activities event approval system online. Once approved, these events flow through to the university calendar as well.


You may send us your feedback on the online calendar at

Questions About An Event

Events posted to the calendar are marked with a university department, program or organization that published the information. For departments and programs, there will be a link to the home page of the publisher on the event detail screen; this should enable visitors to contact those responsible for an event. In addition, departments are encouraged to provide a direct link for more information as part of the event detail.

For student organization events, no publisher link is available. For more information about these events, contact Student Activities through their web site,

Calendar Categories

The electronic marketing group at Baylor manages the categories used to help group events. Departments should email with requests to place an event into certain categories, including the events that are displayed on the Baylor home page.

Technical Issues

If you experience a problem viewing some portion of the calendar, or have technical questions about our implementation, send email to