CASPER Seminar: DR. Mustapha Ishak-Boushaki, UT Dallas:"Why is the Expansion of the Universe Accelerating? One of the Biggest Puzzles in Cosmology!"

DateApril 1, 2011Time1:30 - 2:30 pm
LocationBSB C.105
Description For more than a decade, a number of cosmological observations have been indicating that the expansion of the universe is accelerating. Cosmic acceleration and the questions associated with it have become one of the most challenging and puzzling problems in cosmology. Cosmic acceleration can be caused by i) a repulsive dark energy pervading the universe, ii) an extension to general relativity that takes effect at cosmological scales of distance, or iii) the acceleration may be an apparent effect due to the fact that the expansion rate of space-time is uneven from one region to another in the universe. I will review the basics of these possibilities and provide some of our recent results on these questions.

Dr. Ishak-Boushaki completed his Ph.D. in Cosmology and General Relativity with Prof. Kayll Lake at the Physics Department at Queen's University at Kingston in Canada in 2002. His work included investigations in inhomogeneous cosmological models; an inverse approach to Einsteinís equations; oscillation modes in compact astrophysical objects; and matching spacetimes using junction conditions. Then, he joined the Physics Department at Princeton University as a postdoctoral fellow where he worked on projects in cosmology, cosmic acceleration and gravitational lensing with Prof. Steinhardt, Prof. Seljak and other researchers. After that, he worked as a Research Associate at the Astrophysical Sciences Department at Princeton in collaboration with Prof. Spergel and other researchers on the same topics above. Dr. Ishak-Boushaki started an assistant professor position at the Department of Physics at the University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) in 2005. His recent research projects and interests at UT Dallas are in Modern Cosmology, General Relativity, and at their intersection. He is involved in both theoretical and data-related projects.

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