Religious Left, Religious Right & Christian Political Witness – Mark Tooley Lecture

DateJanuary 28, 2014
Time3:30 - 5:00 pm
LocationArmstrong Browning Library/ Cox Lecture Hall
Baylor University
Waco, TX
Tooley is president of the Institute on Religion & Democracy, an
ecumenical Christian thinktank in Washington, DC.  The
old Religious Left, rooted in groups like the National Council of
Churches, has imploded.  And much of the old Religious Right leadership
has left the scene. Meanwhile, many evangelical elites are shifting
left.  Conservative evangelicals increasingly align with conservative
Catholics.  Some are calling for Christians to step back from political
engagement.  What is the future for the political witness of America’s
churches and Christians?  To what extent should churches address
political specifics?   How or to what extent can individual Christians
apply their faith politically?  Mark Tooley will address these

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<p>01/28/2014 3:30 PM</p>
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Publisherzzz (old) Institute for Studies of Religion
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