Dr. Meera Chandrasekhar/Cherry Award Lecture

DateOctober 28, 2013
Time7:00 - 8:00 pm
LocationRoom B110, Baylor Science Building
Description"Blind to Polarization what humans cannot see" Light is a fundamental necessity for most creatures on our planet. It makes our lives possible; without it we'd be blind, lost in the unknown. Yet humans only perceive two properties of light, brightness and color. The third, polarization, is almost undetectable to our eyes. But nature offers as wide a visual variety in the realm of polarization as it does with color. A rich panorama of sights can be discovered with the help of a polarizing filter. This talk will explore natural phenomena as well as modern-day applications of polarization, ranging from 3D movies to engineering design. We will conduct a few hands-on activities during the lecture - if available, bring your polarized sunglasses, and a smartphone/iPad/laptop with you.
Publisherzz (old) Cherry Award
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