Math Movie Makers Dano Johnson, Seth Caplan Return to Baylor on April 18

DateApril 18, 2012
Time6:00 - 8:30 pm
LocationKayser Auditorium (Hankamer School of Business)

Dano Johnson and Seth Caplan, co-creators of the hit movie "Flatland: the Movie" together with Jeffrey Travis, will visit Baylor University on April 18 as part of National Mathematics Awareness Month....and a great head start to Diadeloso Day on April 19!

Dano Johnson, Jeffrey Travis, and Seth Caplan

(L-R) Dano Johnson, Jeffrey Travis, and Seth Caplan

Professor Edward B. Burger, visiting Vice Provost for Strategic Educational Initiatives and the 2010 Robert Foster Cherry Award winner for Great Teaching at Baylor, will introduce Dano and Seth at 6 pm in the Kayser Auditorium of the Hankamer School of Business. A re-showing of "Flatland: The Movie" will immediately follow.

This animated version of Edwin Abbott's 1884 classic, "Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions", stars Martin Sheen, Kristen Bell, Michael York, Tony Hale, and Joe Estevez. The movie was produced by Seth; Dano co-directed the film with Jeffrey Travis and also animated the film. The story revolves around two-dimensional characters, Arthur Square and his curious granddaughter, Hex. They soon discover that there is much more to their planar life - namely three-dimensional Spaceland and beyond - and this discovery leads them into serious trouble with the evil rulers of their two-dimensional world. The story is about the quest for truth and, even after more than 125 years, it remains a timeless satire.

After the movie presentation, Dano and Seth will then discuss and show clips from their newest movie, "Sphereland", the much anticipated sequel to Flatland, which is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2012. "Sphereland" is based on the 1965 book by Dutch author, Dionys Burger, and is a sequel to Abbott's Flatland.

Everyone is invited to this special evening.....bring some friends, enjoy the movie, and stick around afterwards to meet Dano and Seth!

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