Does Faith Really Matter? Christopher G. Ellison

DateApril 12, 2012
Time3:30 pm
LocationArmstrong Browning Library/Cox Lecture Hall
Baylor University
Waco, TX
DescriptionDoes Faith Matter? Exploring the Relationships Between Religion and Mental Health

Christopher G. Ellison is Professor of Sociology and Dean’s
Distinguished Professor of Social Science at The University of Texas at
San Antonio.
In this lecture, Professor Ellison will examine the explosive growth
of empirical research on religion and mental health in recent decades.
Although studies in this area have explored many facets of mental
health, a primary focus in this literature has been on affective
outcomes such as depression, anxiety, and psychological distress.
Professor Ellison will give particular attention to studies using
population or community (as opposed to clinical) samples, and he will
discuss the development of his own work in this area over the past 25
years. Among the important themes and current research directions that
will be addressed in this talk on religion and mental health are: (a)
the diverse approaches to conceptualizing and measuring religion in
studies of this topic; (b) emerging programs of research on the role of
specific constellations of belief; (c) the role of religion in dealing
with stressful events and conditions; (d) potentially negative mental
health consequences of certain aspects of religion; and (e) subgroup
variations in the links between religion and mental health, especially
differences by race, ethnicity, and social class.


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04/12/2012 3:30 PM

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