Cherry Award Finalist - Jeb Barnes's Lecture

DateOctober 18, 2021
Time4:15 - 5:15 pm
LocationMcClinton Auditorium, Foster Campus for Business Innovation or live-streamed at
Description"Turning on Those Who Turn to the Courts: Litigation, Polarization, and What to Do About It"

Understanding political polarization is central to contemporary American politics. In this talk, Professor Barnes will discuss the design and results of a recent survey experiment, which he conducted as part of a larger project on the political consequences of American reliance on litigation. The survey shows that turning to the courts engenders negative and polarized attitudes towards litigants, even when they are seen to have legitimate claims. Digging deeper into the results, he’ll explore strategies to reduce this effect. Finally, he will step back and reflect on why teaching research design - often seen as "curricular spinach" - is central to modern liberal arts education.
PublisherCherry Award Admin
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