Alt Ac Careers

DateApril 8, 2021
Time12:30 - 1:30 pm
DescriptionAre you a doctoral student who isn't sure a faculty position is for you? "Alternative academic" or "Alt Ac" careers refer to careers entirely outside of the academy or jobs outside the professoriate but within other spheres of higher education. Learn more about whether an Alt Ac career is something you should consider and how to begin discerning what those career options might look like given your skillsets, talents, and passions in this podcast by Dr. Julia Daniel (geared more toward humanities students.)
Episode One addresses some of the historical and economic reasons for the state of the job market and what teaching positions really entail in 2021. In Episode Two, Dr. Daniel addresses some of the mental stumbling blocks that we must overcome to even allow ourselves to consider Alt Ac careers, offers some brainstorming exercises, and discusses what some of those options are. (If you already have a general understanding of the job market, feel free to skip to Episode Two!)
Q&A: After listening to the podcast episodes (Episode one optional, episode two required), come with a few questions related to imagining a vocation beyond academia for a Q&A hosted by Dr. Daniel. No question is too detailed or too broad. This is going to be a smaller, discussion-based group, so space is limited. Email to register by April 5th.
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PublisherGraduate School
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