Evangelicals and the Bible: A Symposium to Honor David Bebbington

DateSeptember 19-20, 2019
LocationPaul Powell Chapel, Truett Seminary, Baylor University
Waco, TX

The history of evangelical Christianity has seen an enormous flowering of scholarship over the past four decades, spurred in part by interest in understanding Christian conservatism in the U.S. and by the remarkable expansion of evangelical and Pentecostal Christianity around the world. Much of the literature on evangelicals turns to the work of David Bebbington as its starting point, especially the “Bebbington quadrilateral” of evangelicalism’s defining traits. One of those traits is biblicism, or the primacy of the Bible as the unique guide to faith. This symposium will explore evangelicals’ uses of the Bible, from Anglican evangelist George Whitefield of the 18th century to African Pentecostals of the 21st century, as it honors one of the great Christian historians in the Anglo-American world.  

Sept. 19

3:30 pm: 18th century panel: Bruce Hindmarsh; Jonathan Yeager; Kristina Benham (Bracy Hill, chair)

7 pm: Keynote address: Brian Stanley, University of Edinburgh (Thomas Kidd, chair)

Sept. 20

10:30 am: 19th century panel: Mark Noll, Elise Leal, Mary Riso (Andy Tooley, chair)

Noon: Lunch and interview with David Bebbington conducted by Barry Hankins (lunch requires preregistration payment)

1:30 pm: 20th century panel: Timothy Larsen, John Maiden, Malcolm Foley (Stephanie Derrick, chair)

3 pm: Keynote: Catherine Brekus, Harvard Divinity School (Beth Allison Barr, chair)

4:30 pm: Keynote: David Bebbington, University of Stirling



  • Evangelicals and the Bible: A Symposium to Honor David Bebbington-NO LUNCH (free)


09/20/2019 03:25 PM

Publisherzzz (old) Institute for Studies of Religion
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