Baylor Theatre presents Who Am I This Time? (and Other Conundrums of Love)

DateJune 22-25, 2017
LocationHooper-Schaefer Fine Arts Center, Theatre 11
DescriptionOur Summer Series concludes with Who Am I This Time? (and Other Conundrums of Love), directed by Dr. DeAnna Toten Beard: "An insecure young man, Harry Nash, searches for identity through participation in amateur theatricals. With a real-life personality as blah as the leaf rakes in the hardware store where he works, he's of no interest to anyone. When handed a script, however, he asks, 'Who am I this time?' and on the stage he becomes the role he plays. It can be powerful, witty or even cruel but, body and soul, Harry lives the role until the curtain falls. A girl falls in love with him but it's with the Harry who is 'in character.' Then she fights to keep him from his usual post-curtain collapse by trapping him into starting a new scene from a classical romance-to continue offstage!"
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PublisherTheatre Arts
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