Physics Colloquim - Suman Baral & Ahmad Borzou

DateSeptember 20, 2013Time3:35 - 4:35 pm
LocationE 125
DescriptionSuman Baral Is Azimuthal Momentum density a True Density of Linear Momentum? Vortices carrying angular momentum has been ubiquitous in different media So, the necessity of understanding the behavior of momentum and associated wave vector has been vital. In this article the author is able to show that although the Azimuthal angular momentum is not a true linear momentum , the Azimuthal linear density is a true density of linear momentum. Ahmad Borzou Tensor Decomposition and the Spin Projection Method: A Review I present a review of the spin-projection method. The concepts are explained without much mathematics in the first half of the talk. In the next half it is shown that the projectors can be easily derived using group theory. I give concrete examples, particularly paying attention to a vector and a 2-tensor.
PublisherBaylor Sciences Building
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