Physics Colloquium Series - Bahram Shakerin and Xinwen Wang

DateApril 5, 2013Time3:35 - 5:35 pm
LocationBSB E 125
DescriptionBahram Shakerin - HL Gravity as an Alternative Theory of Gravity and Slow Rotating Black Holes I will start with the physical and aspects of alternative theories in theoretical physics. After a brief review of such theories, I will focus on Einstein's General Relativity. I will talk a little about the important accepted results from GR and then I will follow by HL theory of gravity by mentioning why this theory is a possible alternative theory of gravity at low energies. Then I will follow by the claim of Barausse and Sotiriou, Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 181101 (2012) and Dr. Wang's response to that claim. Xinwen Wang - Lifshitz Fixed Points in (2 + 1)-Dimensional Horava-Lifshitz Gravity There are many approaches to quantum gravity, besides LQG (Loop Quantum Gravity), none of them has had major success in attracting people to do research in it. Now, there is a new option, the so called Quantum Gravity at a Lifshitz Point initiated by Peter Horava, a well known string theorist. The HL (Horava Lifthitz) theory is based on the perspective that Lorentz symmetry should appear as an emergent symmetry at long distances, but can be fundamentally absent at short ones. In this paper, we starting from the metric in (2+1)-dimensional spacetimes without the projectability condition, we get the general action. In the second part, we consider the cases in three different energy scales, the infrared (IR), intermediate, and ultraviolet (UV).
PublisherBaylor Sciences Building
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