Department of Biology and Sigma Xi-Dr. D'Souza-Schorey Research Seminar

DateApril 5, 2013Time12:20 - 2:20 pm
LocationBSB C.105
DescriptionThe D'Shouza-Shorey Lab "New Insights into Cancer Progression: Biology and Clinical Potential" A major focus of the laboratory is to define how altered regulation of signaling pathways that govern cell motility contribute to cancer initiation and progression. The ultimate goal is to utilize this information for the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. Our research employs a multifaceted approach involving the use of two and three-dimensional cell culture, in addition to animal models and interrogation of clinical samples. Ongoing investigations include: 1)Early events in epithelial cancer progression: 2)Molecular mechanisms of tumor cell invasion, and 3)Signaling pathways in rare neurodegenerative diseases.
PublisherBaylor Sciences Building
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