Geo 5050 Colloquium Series: Dr. Juan Martin Gomez-Gonzalez, UNAM, Earthquake Seismology

DateOctober 5, 2012Time3:00 - 4:00 pm
LocationBSB E231
DescriptionRecent Evidences of Intraplate Seismicity in Mexico: An Unestimated Challenger

Mexico is a country with a high level of seismicity, most of it is due to a major interplate activity, due to the interaction between the North American plate with the Cocos and Rivera plates. That is the reason why the National Seismic Network (SSN) has traditionally focused its monitoring efforts in southern Mexico, with poor coverage for the rest of the country. Although in recent years the SSN has increased the number of stations in northern Mexico, there is still a loss of regional seismic history and moderate earthquakes.

In this talk I will describe the seismic monitoring that I have carried out for about 10 years in different physiographic provinces. Those seismic surveys have been motivated either, by local seismic history or by recent moderated earthquakes, as well as by seismic swarms. Our results show a more persistent activity than that supposed so far. Our limited access to the national data has led us to seek methodologies that allow us to optimize the information furnished by our small temporary networks, like the single-station location technique. In addition we have resorted to other sub-areas of the Earth Sciences to try to characterize active faults. The results have enabled us to gain the support of some state governments to create a new permanent seismic network that allow us a more objective and consistent description of seismicity, and thus describe the spatio-temporal behavior of the seismic activity.
PublisherDepartment of Geosciences
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