SET - Classroom Community: The Pedagogical Importance of Getting to Know Each Other

DateOctober 3, 2019Time3:30 - 4:30 pm
LocationJones 200
DescriptionJane Haas Damron (Communication)

Learning is not a purely cognitive process; it is also inherently social. Classrooms with a strong sense of community have students who are more likely to contribute, display a higher quality of interaction, and have greater interest in the subject. Great teachers understand the social dimensions of learning and infuse the learning process with opportunities to develop community. In this SET, we will investigate one set of practices for developing community in the classroom, particularly focusing on what can be done on the first week of class to habituate students to learning in community and understanding knowledge construction as communal. Participants will brainstorm and get feedback on ways to develop community in their own classrooms.Read More »

PublisherAcademy for Teaching and Learning
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