Challenge Your Thoughts - Manage Your Stress

DateJune 21, 2018Time12:00 - 1:00 pm
LocationRoom 124
DescriptionMost people experience an inner drive to improve their performance on some tasks, whether earning a higher grade or running a faster mile. Chronic stress and perfectionistic thinking, however, are not examples of healthy pursuits of excellence. Those who strive for excellence in healthy ways take genuine pleasure in trying to meet high standards. A chronic stress lifestyle or perfectionistic mindset, on the other hand, results in struggles with self-doubt and fears of disapproval and rejection. Attend our upcoming personal and professional development training and learn some of the differences between perfectionistic stress and healthy striving for goals. Experience some relaxation and anxiety management skills and learn how to adapt these skills for your own stress management tool kit. Lunch provided for students who make a reservation online to attend. Please note that this training session is limited to 16 students. Qualifies for one hour of professional development credit.
PublisherLaw Career Development
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