Crucial Conversations

DateOctober 6, 2017Time6:00 pm
LocationBRIC 2160
DescriptionHave you ever wanted to give a coworker sensitive feedback but decided not to because the conversation might not go wellâ€"or might even harm your relationship? Do you ever hold your opinion inside and then one day, when you can’t take it any longer, speak your mindâ€"but by then you’re so upset that it comes out all wrong? Have you ever sat in a meeting where the boss laid out an impossible plan and everyone hoped someone would say, “This can’t be done!â€- but no one said a word? Have you ever wanted to discuss concerns with an employee’s performance, but didn’t want to be viewed as mean or a micromanager by those you supervise? Whenever you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, it’s likely a crucial conversation is keeping you stuck. To learn how to deal with high-stakes conversations (where opinions vary and emotions run strong), we invite you to attend our two-day Crucial Conversations Workshop. The Crucial Conversations Workshop can help you approach these situations and more with tact and integrity. To register, go to Baylor Compass. Read More »
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