SET - The Generation Z Triad: Teaching Post-Millennials

DateFebruary 14, 2020Time1:00 - 2:00 pm
LocationJones Library 200 (Dennis Campbell Innovative Learning Space)
DescriptionJeff Lee (Physics)

Some conventional wisdom implies that Generation Y (the so-called “Millennials”) are those individuals born between 1981 and 2000. However, recent research has suggested that a new generation began in 1995 and that today’s undergraduates and young graduate students are predominantly this generation. They are not the Millennials—most of Generation Y has graduated. Rather, this is the first generation of true “digital natives.” They are Generation Z, and they bring a new paradigm.

This talk will address one of the central questions about Generation Z—what has led to the widespread concern about “microaggressions” such that students sometimes require “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces”? I suggest that much of the seeming inexplicability of this new paradigm is rooted in three deeply-influencing and inescapable factors - a so-called “Generation Z Triad.” I will examine this “perfect storm” of three influences as well as the pressures and choices that educators, from grade school to grad school, face when teaching the progenies of Generation X.

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PublisherAcademy for Teaching and Learning
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