Camp Rules and Regulations


1. Each camp member is responsible for keeping the dorm room clean, in order, and free from damage. Campers will be responsible for any damage to the room.

2. Valuables such as money, watches, and jewelry should be properly safeguarded.

3. Athletic activities are prohibited in the residence halls. Running, playing, throwing, and similar activities are to be done outside the buildings.

4. The following are not permitted on campus or in the residence halls: fireworks or explosives of any kind, firearms or munitions, pets, refrigerators, cooking equipment, illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, and any other items that could cause bodily harm or damage. Smoking is also prohibited in all buildings on campus. Any form of fire, incense, or candles is also prohibited.

5. Each camp member is to be properly dressed. The cafeteria is a public area and all persons should wear shoes and be appropriately clothed.

6. All camp members are expected to respect the rights and property of others. Loud noise and similar intrusive behavior are prohibited.

7. Other basic rules of conduct will be presented during our organizational meetings on Sunday evening. Failure to observe these requests could result in early dismissal from the camp with no refund of tuition and fees.

8. There will be counselors in each dormitory to assist you.

9. One of the dorm dining halls will be open for all meals beginning with dinner on the first day of camp. The final meal will be breakfast on the last day of camp.

10. Medical care will be available from the University Health Center for all students attending the camp.

11. Your child may receive mail during the camp, provided it is addressed to:


Baylor University Summer Music Camps
Camper Name (c/o Lori Clifton)
One Bear Place #97408
Waco, TX 76798-7408


We are not responsible for mail received after the conclusion of camp.


12. Cellular phones, pagers, and other small electronic devices are prohibited in all rehearsals and master classes.

13. Parking is available on campus. You will be required to turn your keys over to the head counselor. Personal vehicles may not be used during the camp.