Cohort Courses


Take classes with your friends!

Students who live in the B&I LLC have the opportunity to take classes with their B&I LLC peers. See below for information regarding the two cohort classes that we offer, ENT 3301 and BUS 1101.

ENT 3301

If you are an incoming B&I LLC student and would like to enroll in ENT 3301 for the fall, please e-mail or speak with your advisor during Orientation.

ENT 3301 will count towards Area B of the Language/Communication Requirement for BBA students. This course may also count towards a minor in Leadership Studies or a minor in Entrepreneurship (only for non-BBA students). The following topics are introduced through use of course materials, creative exercises, research activities, and guest speakers:

  • The importance of entrepreneurship for economic and social development
  • Reflections on the lives, successes, and failures of well-established entrepreneurs
  • Exploring how one defines success, identifies their core strengths, copes with failure, and develops an entrepreneurial mindset
  • The nature and role of creativity, play, and imagination in finding and solving entrepreneurial problems in ways that create economic value and / or enhance human well-being

BUS 1101

BUS 1101 is a required course for incoming Pre-Business students. If you are an incoming Pre-Business student living in the B&I LLC, you will be enrolled in the same BUS 1101 section as your B&I LLC friends! If you are not Pre-Business, this class is not required.