Program Goal


Our Mission

The mission of the Business and Innovation Living-Learning Center (B&I LLC) is to immerse students in a transformational approach to faith-based business education through fostering community, cultivating a culture of innovation, encouraging personal and professional development, and connecting students with Business School faculty and entrepreneurial professionals.

Our Goals

  1. Recruit students to the Hankamer School of Business by providing a unique living community designed for students studying a business-related career.
  2. Guide students in determining their major, calling or vocation within the field of business.
  3. Enhance students’ educational and social experience through the provision of social activities and academic programs aimed at entrepreneurially-minded students from all fields of study.
  4. Promote interaction between faculty and students in ways that will enhance learning and encourage strong mentoring relationships.
  5. Familiarize students with campus services and resources.
  6. Encourage involvement in leadership organizations and service opportunities, as well as peer-mentoring, shared experiences, and community activities.