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The Baylor Business Selling Outside (BBSO) allows Baylor students to see how they stack up against their peers. The BBSO also allows our Corporate Partners and other interested parties to get a sneak peek at Baylor's talent as they prepare to enter the job market.

The role of BBSO Buyer is by invitation only.

The 2017 BBSO will take place on January 27, 2017.


Each BBSO competitor makes a sales call in a 20-minute role play with a corporate Buyer. Competitors receive a Competitor Scenario and Buyers receive a Buyer Scenario explaining each person's roles, the product being sold and the details of the interaction prior to the role play. It is important for each participant to be familiar with the scenario, the product being sold and the judging criteria prior to competition.

The competitor will be stopped after 20 minutes, regardless of whether the presentation is complete or not. Each role play is recorded by in-room cameras and judged virtually by a panel of corporate executives and Baylor faculty members.

Top performers are awarded cash prizes.

Buyer Requirements

  • Prepare for the Buyer role (which takes about thirty minutes):
    • Read and become familiar with the Competitor Scenario, the Buyer Scenario (available to Buyers ONLY via email), and the Evaluation Form
    • Prepare responses and comments in advance to provide consistent information to all competitors
    • Keep responses brief
    • Express objections as statements rather than as questions
    • Spread assigned objections out across the sales presentation
    • Don't present all objections at any one time, especially when the competitor is attempting to secure a commitment
    • When the competitor attempts to confirm that the objection has been adequately handled, agree (if possible) and do not continue to focus on the objection
    • During the last five minutes of the role play, be very brief in your responses so the competitor has time to wrap up the sales presentation
  • Come to campus on the day of the BBSO to role play as the Buyer (Buyers meet one student every thirty minutes for a 20-minute role play exchange)
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