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The MIS Internship Program an opportunity for you to gain first-hand experience designing, developing and supporting the applications and projects that give businesses their competitive edge. Click here to read news articles written by students describing their internship experience.

Internship Benefits

As an intern, you will work in an organization and learn first-hand about strategy, IT-enabled initiatives, organizational dynamics and effective project management.

IT Exposure

You'll be exposed to different technology areas within the firm, you'll be able to link Baylor University course work to specific tasks assigned during the experience and most importantly you will be provided on-going support and mentoring throughout the internship class.


You'll also work with a mentor from the organization who will share with you the challenges of managing in a global enterprise and who will help open doors for you to investigate and refine your ideas for improvement.

Executive Exposure

Upon concluding your internship, you will share the insights gained while interning with your management team. The challenges you'll encounter on a day-to-day basis, in combination with your internship presentation, will help you develop a unique combination of skills and a head start in your career.

Participating In the Program

The internship class is open to full-time junior, senior or graduate students. Students can receive 3-hours of course credit for approved internships.


  • Strong academic record with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the MIS major. Overall GPA's need to be at least a 2.7. If the overall GPA is less than a 3.0 the student most demonstrate exceptional interpersonal skills and responsibility. Student must be admitted to the business school
  • Being a Management Information Systems major or Master's of Science Student in Information Systems. MIS majors must have completed MIS 3301 to be eligible for internship credit
  • Have secured a suitable internship.

Internship Requirements

  • All internships must be approved prior to the beginning of the internship experience. Baylor's MIS program does not award credit for prior work experience, so if you've already completed your internship and did not enroll in the course before hand, you cannot receive course credit from the MIS program.
  • Undergraduate students must work a minimum of 150 hours and graduate students must work a minimum of 300 hours during the internship.
  • A part-time or summer job does not necessarily qualify as an internship opportunity. You cannot receive internship credit for a job you are currently performing. If you would like to continue working with the same employer you will need to secure some new and different responsibilities for it to qualify as an internship. Read the for employers section to ensure your internship meets the necessary criteria.

Receiving Course Credit

Completing your internship involves the following steps:

March/April Apply for the internship class by completing the internship application form.
April Setup an interview with Bud Esserman, MIS Career Development Director. Available interview times are 4/16 12:30 pm-2:30 pm and 4/29 10 am -2:00 pm. Allocate 30 minutes for the interview. If your internship is approved you'll need to attend the first internship class meeting on April 29 from 3-4. Bud Esserman's office is Foster 310.21 in the MIS Suite of the Foster Campus.
Contact Carol Marroquin for a closed class permit to register for the internship class. Although you will complete your internship in the summer, to save you tuition money we suggest that you enroll in the internship class in the fall. If you need to enroll in the summer because of scholarships or visa students you can.

Upon receiving the permit, register for class on BearWeb.

Undergraduates should register for BUS 4395-84(3 hours). Graduate students should register for MIS 5395 (3 hours).
May/August Do a good job on your internship, work on your internship portfolio and participate in two internship class meetings held via video conferencing.
End of the internship Obtain a performance review from the company where you interned. Your supervisor's performance evaluation will be weighted into your final grade. It is your responsibility to:
  • Deliver the performance evaluation form to your supervisor
  • Follow-up to make sure that it is received by Bud Esserman by the week after you complete your internship.
No later than September 15 Submit your internship portfolio electronically.
Grades are assigned when the internship portfolio and the supervisor's performance evaluation have been received. Both documents are considered in the final grade determination. Since you registered in the fall the grades will be submitted as part of your fall grades.

Securing An Internship

Time Period Activity
August Update your resume - ways to stand out
  • Here are some sample resumes to benchmark
  • Obtaining a GPA >3.0
  • Holding an officer position in a student organization
  • Having some relevant work experience, even if it's a part-time or on-campus job
Post your resume on Hire A Bear, the Baylor Career services system.

Subscribe to the MIS Facebook page for job opportunities as well as projects to build your experience.
  • Begin applying to companies on Hire A Bear
  • Attend career development and networking events put on for MIS majors
  • Attend career fairs and market yourself.
October Historically, companies that hire in October for internships beginning in May include: Anadarko, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, HP, and Protiviti. These compaies have some of the best internship programs and they are looking for top students.
  • Update your resume
  • Begin talking to friends, parents, and acquaintances about summer internship opportunities beginning in May
January Post your updated resume on hire a bear and begin searching hire a bear for internship/job opportunities.
February Attend the career fair. Companies that hire in the spring for interns include HP, USAA, McLane Advanced Technologies, and Farm Bureau.

Expand your job search beyond Hire a Bear. This will involve applying to companies directly through their web sites and looking at job postings like


Still have questions

Learn more about the MIS internship program and how it can help you develop the skills you need for the workplace by contacting Bud Esserman, the MIS Career Development Director, via email or phone: 254-710-6200.

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