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INSIDER: UnSelling
Jackson Price, MBA Candidate
According to Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer, authors of Unselling, sixty percent of all purchase decisions are now made before you ever get a chance to share your pitch. In short, the majority of your potential clients have already decided on a real estate agent or firm before they even know they need one

What are Likes Worth? A Facebook Field Experiment
Daniel Mochon, PhD, Karen Johnson, PhD, Janet Schwartz, PhD, and Dan Ariely, PhD
In the growing social media marketing landscape, interacting with customers on Facebook is at the forefront of businesses’ higher spending, but are your Facebook page likes actually driving client engagement and spending?

Why People Like Where They Live
Robyn Driskell, PhD, Larry Lyon, PhD, and Brittany M. Fitz-Chapman, PhD
Community and individual-level factors affect the satisfaction a person derives from living in his or her community. How do we determine if a community is meeting the needs of the person, and how do we better prepare our communities, moving forward, to appeal to potential homeowners?

The Fundamentals of Trust in Business Relationships
Houcine Akrout, PhD and Mbaye Fall Diallo, PhD
How can you ensure trust is prevalent in your real estate operation? In this article, we discuss the three stages of trust, the three forms of trust, and how they affect a client’s behavior so that you can successfully and effectively build trust with your clients

Friends vs. Strangers: How Closeness Impacts Social Sharing
David Dubois, PhD, Andrea Bonezzi, PhD, and Matteo De Angelis, PhD
The art of being a successful real estate agent largely depends on the need to interact socially. How you interact with your own clients indeed effects their opinion of the services you provide and ultimately shape their opinions about you or your company

Are Clients Persuaded by Boastful Agents?
Grant Packard, PhD, Andrew D. Gershoff, PhD, and David B. Wooten, PhD
Boasting by real estate agents can produce negative and positive reactions from their clients. However, boasting combined with a strategy to develop trust can be advantageous to a real estate agent

Bringing in the Buyers: Leveraging Entrepreneurs’ and Executives’ Venture Location Decisions
Matthew Wood, PhD, Jeffery McMullen, PhD, and Alexander Kier, PhD
It is well documented that real-estate markets fluctuate over time, but since the financial crisis, real-estate markets have begun to fluctuate across geographic regions as well. One leading contributor to this disparity is public policy that seeks to encourage entrepreneurs and business leaders to locate in a state, or a specific community within a state, over another

INSIDER: Socializing for a Spark: Finding Winning Ideas Through Your Connections
Wesley Bryan, MBA Candidate
We make connections every day, in person, over the phone or email, through Linkedin, and even via Snapchat. Every opportunity we have to meet people is another connection to a new prospective client

INSIDER: How the World Sees You
Margie McGregor, MBA Candidate
As much as we might like to think that we are wildly different than everybody else, our DNA is actually 99.9% the same as everyone else’s. We’re 99.9% average. As odd as it may seem, our individuality and personality only makes up .1% of us

Peer-Based Learning and its Implications for the Real Estate Market
Tat Y. Chan, PhD, Jia Li, PhD, and Lamar Pierce, PhD
When entering the work force, new employees face a learning curve associated with their new positions. Real estate agents face the task of establishing themselves as a credible assets in the community and understanding the dynamics of working with clients

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