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Cooperation in Client Relationships
Bruno Lussier, PhD and Zachary R. Hall, PhD
A critical success factor in the salesperson-customer relationship is cooperation. The purpose of this research is to analyze how salespeople’s actual cooperation efforts influence how customers perceive cooperation, and how customer-perceived cooperation influences relationship outcomes

Coping with Stress in Real Estate
Jane E. Machin, PhD, Ann M. Mirabito, PhD, Natalie Ross Adkins, PhD, Elizabeth Crosby, PhD, and Justine Rapp Farrell, PhD
Stress is a national epidemic and is especially problematic among real estate professionals, manifesting in the second highest rates of anxiety and depression among all occupations. Ultimately, your business depends upon your ability to manage your stress, and our research points to some novel ways to help

Do Opposites Attract?
Stephanie M. Mangus, PhD and Ayalla Ruvio, PhD
Relationships are multidimensional and have external social factors acting on them to make them stronger or break them down. Therefore, it is imperative, especially in buyer-seller relationships, to utilize both similarities and differences between individuals to strengthen the relationship

I, Me, & My: Little Words that Make a Big Difference in Agent-Customer Interactions
Grant Packard, PhD, Sarah G. Moore, PhD, and Brent McFerran, PhD
Through five studies, we explored the impact of using I, we, and you pronouns on purchase behaviors and customer satisfaction in sales and service interactions. What we found challenges conventional wisdom and practice when it comes to talking to customers

Consumer Susceptibility to Cross-Selling Persuasion
Xuehua Wang, PhD and Hean Tat Keh, PhD
There are many possible applications of cross-selling for real estate, all of which have the potential to add value for the client and the agent. This article examines why some consumers are more susceptible to cross selling and how you can create a win-win for yourself and the buyer

Implementing Humor in Real Estate Transactions
Bruno Lussier, PhD, Yany Grégoire, PhD, and Marc-Antoine Vachon, PhD
Using humor wisely is known to have many benefits in the workplace. In this article, we examine the influence of salesperson humor usage on salesperson creativity, customer trust, and sales performance within the context of a salesperson-customer relationship

Predict, Don't Project
Meredith E. David, PhD
In real estate, the ability to connect with and build successful relationships with a client is based on the ability to predict a client’s preferences. However, there is a difference between predicting preferences and social projection, which could lead to misinterpretations of your own preferences as those of a client

Salesperson Ambidexterity and Customer Satisfaction
Raj Agnihotri, PhD, Colin B. Gabler, PhD, Omar S. Itani, PhD,
Fernando Jaramillo, PhD, and Michael T. Krush, PhD

To remain competitive, salespeople must provide excellent service while still reaching their sales quotas. When these two ideas converge, sales-service ambidexterity is achieved. But how can sales managers encourage their sales associates to reach this medium?

The Influence of Political Skill on Sales Outcomes
Jie Li, PhD, Gong Sun, PhD, and Zhiming Cheng, PhD
It is widely recognized that political skill enables employees to secure valuable resources within their own companies and to promote positive outcomes with customers. In this article, we examine the effect of political skill in the sales context and draw conclusions for real estate professionals

Gratitude in Buyer-Seller Relationships
Stephanie M. Mangus, PhD, Dora E. Bock, PhD, Eli Jones, PhD, and Judith Anne Garretson Folse, PhD
Gratitude has immense value to firms and is linked to increases in share of wallet, sales revenue, sales growth, and customer commitment. Our research shows how sales professionals can improve their relational outcomes with customers by fostering more grateful customers through their own expressions of gratitude

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