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Salesperson Ambidexterity and Customer Satisfaction
Raj Agnihotri, PhD, Colin B. Gabler, PhD, Omar S. Itani, PhD,
Fernando Jaramillo, PhD, and Michael T. Krush, PhD

To remain competitive, salespeople must provide excellent service while still reaching their sales quotas. When these two ideas converge, sales-service ambidexterity is achieved. But how can sales managers encourage their sales associates to reach this medium?

The Influence of Political Skill on Sales Outcomes
Jie Li, PhD, Gong Sun, PhD, and Zhiming Cheng, PhD
It is widely recognized that political skill enables employees to secure valuable resources within their own companies and to promote positive outcomes with customers. In this article, we examine the effect of political skill in the sales context and draw conclusions for real estate professionals

Gratitude in Buyer-Seller Relationships
Stephanie M. Mangus, PhD, Dora E. Bock, PhD, Eli Jones, PhD, and Judith Anne Garretson Folse, PhD
Gratitude has immense value to firms and is linked to increases in share of wallet, sales revenue, sales growth, and customer commitment. Our research shows how sales professionals can improve their relational outcomes with customers by fostering more grateful customers through their own expressions of gratitude

Kevin Pettit, MBA Candidate
In Sales EQ, Jeb Blount explains that the emotional experience of buying is more important than any product, price, or feature. To be an effective sales person, it is necessary to approach people the way they buy rather than the way you sell, which requires high emotional intelligence and knowledge of how people make decisions

INSIDER: Why Women Buy
Courtney A. Harris, MBA
Research shows that women account for 85 percent of all consumer purchases and have $7 trillion in buying power. In Why Women Buy, Dawn Jones shares insights to provide sales professionals with a relevant and detailed guidebook for improving results with and meeting the needs of this powerful market

Judging a Book by Its... Online Reviews?
Pareezad Zarolia,PhD and Kateri McRae, PhD
In the simplest of transactions, the exchange of goods and services between a buyer and a seller develops a relationship that is dependent on trust. This study examines how direct and indirect impressions influence the development of trust in social relationships

Why People Like Where They Live
Robyn Driskell, PhD, Larry Lyon, PhD, and Brittany M. Fitz-Chapman, PhD
Community and individual-level factors affect the satisfaction a person derives from living in his or her community. How do we determine if a community is meeting the needs of the person, and how do we better prepare our communities, moving forward, to appeal to potential homeowners?

The Fundamentals of Trust in Business Relationships
Houcine Akrout, PhD and Mbaye Fall Diallo, PhD
How can you ensure trust is prevalent in your real estate operation? In this article, we discuss the three stages of trust, the three forms of trust, and how they affect a client’s behavior so that you can successfully and effectively build trust with your clients

Doing Well vs. Doing Good
Amna Kirmani, PhD, Rebecca W. Hamilton, PhD, and Debora V. Thompson, PhD
The ideal real estate agent has high competence as well as high integrity. But not all real estate agents are perceived that way

How Language Shapes Word of Mouth's Impact
Grant Packard, PhD and Jonah Berger, PhD
Today, consumers can express their opinions about a product, a property, or almost anything. A few lines written by an anonymous user in a completely different geographic location and time zone can impact success or failure in the marketplace

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