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The Fundamentals of Trust in Business Relationships
Houcine Akrout, PhD and Mbaye Fall Diallo, PhD

How can you ensure trust is prevalent in your real estate operation? In this article, we discuss the three stages of trust, the three forms of trust, and how they affect a client’s behavior so that you can successfully and effectively build trust with your clients

Doing Well vs. Doing Good
Amna Kirmani, PhD, Rebecca W. Hamilton, PhD, and Debora V. Thompson, PhD

The ideal real estate agent has high competence as well as high integrity. But not all real estate agents are perceived that way

How Language Shapes Word of Mouth's Impact
Grant Packard, PhD and Jonah Berger, PhD

Today, consumers can express their opinions about a product, a property, or almost anything. A few lines written by an anonymous user in a completely different geographic location and time zone can impact success or failure in the marketplace

Playing the Value Game of Sales
Charles Fifield, MBA

The Value Game is not just your normal game encounter, but rather a real-life experience in which sellers and their supporting teammates, the sponsoring company and the products/services being offered, engage with prospective buyers to reach a win-win game outcome

The Power of Surveys to Increase Repeat Business
Sterling A. Bone, PhD, Katherine N. Lemon, PhD, Clay M. Voorhees, PhD, Katie A. Liljenquist, PhD, Paul W. Fombelle, PhD, Kristen B. DeTienne, PhD, and R. Bruce Money, PhD

Do you take the time to request feedback from your clients and customers? If not, you could be missing out on an opportunity to boost repeat business. Research has shown that merely soliciting a review from customer increases repeat business

Combatting a Stigma Begins with You
Sven Mikolon, PhD, Glen E. Kreiner, PhD, and Jan Wieseke, PhD

Stigma is inherently problematic for any worker but is particularly detrimental for real estate agents and other sales representatives. Stigma can be detrimental to agents because job performance and personal well-being depend greatly on favorable interactions with customers

How Customer Satisfaction Affects Employee Job Satisfaction
Alex R. Zablah, PhD, Brad D. Carlson, PhD, D. Todd Donavan, PhD, James G. Maxham, III, PhD, and Tom J. Brown, PhD

Firms often prioritize frontline employee job satisfaction, hoping that satisfied employees will lead to satisfied customers. In real estate, this implies that improvements in agent satisfaction are expected to increase client satisfaction. According to our research, these agencies may be missing an important opportunity

Importance of Motivation to Career Success
Keo Mony Sok, PhD, Phyra Sok, PhD, and Luigi M. De Luca, PhD

The need for fantastic sales professionals is greater today than ever before. Increasingly, clients demand sales professionals provide exceptional customer service that coincides with meeting those desired results. To this, motivation is key

Building a Winning Sales Presentation
Charles Fifield, MBA

Delivering an effective sales presentation to a prospective real estate client will impact attaining your desired outcome for most client interactions

Do Past Preferences Indicate Future Selections?
Kate Barasz, PhD, Tami Kim, PhD Candidate, and Leslie K. John, PhD

Predicting others' preferences can result in a distinct advantage for a salesperson, especially through creating choice sets based on clients' implicit and explicit wants and needs. Oftentimes, these predictions must be made with almost no information about the client's preferences, so the salesperson may have to rely on previously observed behaviors

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