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Cooperation in Client Relationships
Bruno Lussier, PhD and Zachary R. Hall, PhD
A critical success factor in the salesperson-customer relationship is cooperation. The purpose of this research is to analyze how salespeople’s actual cooperation efforts influence how customers perceive cooperation, and how customer-perceived cooperation influences relationship outcomes

Consumer Susceptibility to Cross-Selling Persuasion
Xuehua Wang, PhD and Hean Tat Keh, PhD
There are many possible applications of cross-selling for real estate, all of which have the potential to add value for the client and the agent. This article examines why some consumers are more susceptible to cross selling and how you can create a win-win for yourself and the buyer

INSIDER: UnSelling
Jackson Price, MBA Candidate
According to Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer, authors of Unselling, sixty percent of all purchase decisions are now made before you ever get a chance to share your pitch. In short, the majority of your potential clients have already decided on a real estate agent or firm before they even know they need one

Predict, Don't Project
Meredith E. David, PhD
In real estate, the ability to connect with and build successful relationships with a client is based on the ability to predict a client’s preferences. However, there is a difference between predicting preferences and social projection, which could lead to misinterpretations of your own preferences as those of a client

Sharing Market Intelligence Among Salespeople
Zachary R. Hall, PhD, Ryan R. Mullins, PhD, Niladri Syam, PhD, and Jeffrey P. Boichuk, PhD
Understanding the changing dynamics of customers and competitors in your market is a cornerstone for maintained success. This information, known as market intelligence, helps improve decision-making, especially in real estate. But how do we utilize it in an agency context to bolster sales?

Marketing Efforts Take Time, According to Keller Center for Research
Keller Center for Research Executive Director Randy Hacker shares advice to sellers on HomeLight.com on how to test their real estate agent's marketing plan

INSIDER: Sales Insanity
Jorge Trevino, MBA Candidate
As a sales person, you must always be ready to embrace the challenges that the selling environment poses in your professional life. In Sales Insanity, Cannon Thomas recounts unique sales blunders which highlight the importance of adapting to the ever-changing sales environment

Maximizing Your Social Media Marketing
Kevin Pettit, MBA Candidate
A strong social media presence is critical to cultivate relationships with potential clients and build credibility in the public eye. Effective use of social media platforms will help convert views into sales, retain those clients over long periods of time, and build a lasting business

Pricing Strategies: The Difference of a Digit
Lingjiang Lora Tu, PhD and Chris Pullig, PhD
In real estate, it is universally agreed that strategic pricing plays a huge role in determining how quickly a house will sell; yet there are still questions on how pricing affects different people

What are Likes Worth? A Facebook Field Experiment
Daniel Mochon, PhD, Karen Johnson, PhD, Janet Schwartz, PhD, and Dan Ariely, PhD
In the growing social media marketing landscape, interacting with customers on Facebook is at the forefront of businesses’ higher spending, but are your Facebook page likes actually driving client engagement and spending?

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