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INSIDER: Listing Boss
Kevin Pettit, MBA Candidate

Differentiating one's self from the competition is crucial to the success or failure of the business. In his new book, Listing Boss, Hoss Pratt discusses the changing environment and shares insight that will empower you to exceed your sales goals by transforming the way you approach your business

Playing the Value Game of Sales
Charles Fifield, MBA

The Value Game is not just your normal game encounter, but rather a real-life experience in which sellers and their supporting teammates, the sponsoring company and the products/services being offered, engage with prospective buyers to reach a win-win game outcome

The Power of Surveys to Increase Repeat Business
Sterling A. Bone, PhD, Katherine N. Lemon, PhD, Clay M. Voorhees, PhD, Katie A. Liljenquist, PhD, Paul W. Fombelle, PhD, Kristen B. DeTienne, PhD, and R. Bruce Money, PhD

Do you take the time to request feedback from your clients and customers? If not, you could be missing out on an opportunity to boost repeat business. Research has shown that merely soliciting a review from customer increases repeat business

Connecting Luxury Homes with Right-Minded Consumers
JaeHwan Kwon, PhD, Yuri Seo, PhD, and Dongwoo Ko, PhD

Our research examines how a consumer's view of this theory can affect his/her preference for luxury, and how advertisers, marketers, and real estate agents can use this information to increase the likelihood that consumers respond positively to luxury, increasing your chances of a sale

Importance of Motivation to Career Success
Keo Mony Sok, PhD, Phyra Sok, PhD, and Luigi M. De Luca, PhD

The need for fantastic sales professionals is greater today than ever before. Increasingly, clients demand sales professionals provide exceptional customer service that coincides with meeting those desired results. To this, motivation is key

Building a Winning Sales Presentation
Charles Fifield, MBA

Delivering an effective sales presentation to a prospective real estate client will impact attaining your desired outcome for most client interactions

Do Past Preferences Indicate Future Selections?
Kate Barasz, PhD, Tami Kim, PhD Candidate, and Leslie K. John, PhD

Predicting others' preferences can result in a distinct advantage for a salesperson, especially through creating choice sets based on clients' implicit and explicit wants and needs. Oftentimes, these predictions must be made with almost no information about the client's preferences, so the salesperson may have to rely on previously observed behaviors

INSIDER: Fearless Public Speaking
Courtney A. Harris, MBA Candidate

In his book, Fearless Public Speaking, Patrick King explains exactly what it takes for you to confidently prepare for a talk or presentation and command the stage once you're there

INSIDER: Shiftability
Luke Smith, MBA

Throughout our daily lives, we have many options. We can change our jobs, our bosses, our cities, and try endless news sales methods. However, unless we undergo personal transformation ourselves, external changes will not propel us where we want to go or help us become who we need to be

Looking Back: Key Themes in Sales Research
Keith A. Richards, PhD, Wyatt Schrock, PhD, Yanhui Zhao, PhD, and Douglas E. Hughes, PhD

In every field of study, there are moments when looking back helps us better understand where we are now and the path forward. In an effort to uncover key takeaways for salespeople, we reviewed the lessons gleaned from the past 35 years of sales research

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