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Does Thinking Style Change the Way We See Price?

INSIDER: Sales Insanity

Maximizing Your Social Media Marketing

What are Likes Worth? A Facebook Field Experiment

Judging a Book by Its... Online Reviews?
Pareezad Zarolia,PhD and Kateri McRae, PhD
In the simplest of transactions, the exchange of goods and services between a buyer and a seller develops a relationship that is dependent on trust. This study examines how direct and indirect impressions influence the development of trust in social relationships

Strategic Personal Branding—And How It Pays Off
Deva Rangarajan, PhD, Betsy D. Gelb, PhD, and Amy Vandaveer
A well-defined and consistent personal brand can elevate agent recognition, generate leads, and build authority and credibility. It can also help agents develop a unique value proposition, identify target customers, and humanize marketing campaigns. Does your personal brand communicate the right message?

Valuable Virality
Ezgi Akpinar, PhD and Jonah Berger, PhD
Viral ad campaigns have become a necessity in the digital world. Our research examines the key factors driving valuable virality and shows how the sharing of an ad and brand evaluation of a product are dependent on ad content

Does Liking Lead to Loving?
Leslie K. John, PhD, Oliver Emrich, PhD, Sunil Gupta, PhD, and Michael I. Norton, PhD
When a customer clicks the like button on a brand’s Facebook page, what happens? Do these likes have value to a company, or are they merely the click of a button?

INSIDER: Everything You Need to Know About Social Media
Miranda Fair, MBA Candidate
Social media has revolutionized communication and advertising and is a useful tool for keeping up with news, family, and friends. As a real estate professional, though, understanding how to best use each social media platform can have a positive impact on your business

INSIDER: The Multigenerational Sales Team
Clint Ratliff, MBA Candidate
Buyer and seller markets are now comprised of multiple generations that not only see the world differently, but also value vastly different lifestyles. While the differences between generations provide obstacles to overcome, it is also important to recognize the accessibility, innovation and collaboration these differences provide for the workplace

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