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Combatting Real Estate Professionals’ Insecurity
Nawar N. Chaker, PhD, David W. Schumann, PhD, Alex R. Zablah, PhD, and Daniel J. Flint, PhD

Have you ever felt insecure in your career? Have you ever doubted your ability to fulfill your job duties? If so, you are certainly not the only one in your field experiencing these emotions. While most are unwilling to admit their insecurity or discuss their self-doubt with their peers, insecurity is common among sales professionals

Forgiveness on Your Team: Role of Cohesion and Collective Action
Kyle Irwin, PhD, Jo-Ann Tsang, PhD, Robert Carlisle, PhD, and Megan Johnson Shen, PhD

Forgiving a transgressor plays a monumental role in team or group dynamics. At a team level, forgiveness can impact the cohesiveness of the team or collective action

Is the Customer Really King?
Christopher R. Plouffe, PhD, Willy Bolander, PhD, Joseph A. Cote, PhD, and Bryan Hochstein, PhD

The modern real estate agent's business relationships today transcend obvious interactions with customers and now also include the internal business team and external business partners. The successful agent must skillfully manage these three relationships to complete the transaction

INSIDER: A Beautiful Constraint - Turning Obstaces Into Opportunities
Anand Vamsee Jonnabhotla, MBA/MSIS Candidate

In the book, A Beautiful Constraint, the authors, Adam Morgan and Mark Barden, take us through a series of real-world examples that show how constraints can positively impact a project and, in turn, help develop successful sustainable solutions

Outperforming Whom? Performance-Prove Goal Orientation
Bart Dietz, PhD, Daan van Knippenberg, PhD, Giles Hirst, PhD, and Simon Lloyd D. Restubog, PhD

Many people are driven to perform and succeed, especially when that drive comes from competition to outperform others. Competition and personal performance can be beneficial traits to people in performance-driven professions. But, how do people alter their drive to compete when they become members of a team?

How Emotional Intelligence Shapes Sales Outcomes Through the Stressful Sales Role
Richard G. McFarland, PhD, Joseph C. Rode, PhD, and Tasadduq A. Shervani, PhD

Salespeople with higher levels of emotional intelligence (EI) are better salespeople, right? After investing a great deal in the training of EI, firms are starting to wonder if those investments are well spent

Integrating Psychological Capital into Your Sales Organization
Scott Friend, PhD, Jeff Johnson, PhD, Fred Luthans, PhD, and Ravipreet Sohi, PhD

It’s no secret that a positive outlook can have dramatic impacts on a person’s day-to-day activities. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, positive thinking can result in increased life span, lower rates of depression, and better psychological and physical well-being

Newly Hired Agents Who Fail Should Try, Try Again
Jeffrey Boichuk, PhD, Zachary Hall, PhD, and Michael Ahearne, PhD

Salespeople’s roles are far from failure-proof. In fact, approximately 50% of salespeople fail to reach their annual sales targets

Tethered to Work: How Mobile Devices Impact Family Conflict, Work Commitment and Turnover
Merideth Ferguson, PhD, Dawn Carlson, PhD, Wendy Boswell, PhD, Dwayne Whitten, DBA, Marcus Butts, PhD, and K. Michele Kacmar, PhD

For sales professionals in real estate and other industries, life in the digital world presents numerous challenges. Since mobile devices are the norm, work extends far outside the boundaries of the office and expectations are high for immediate response

Better Together: Competitive Agents and Competitive Climate in the Agency
Keith A. Richards, PhD, Wyatt A. Schrock, PhD Candidate, Douglas E. Hughes, PhD, Frank Q. Fu, PhD, and Eli Jones, PhD

One of the most important issues associated with building a high-powered real-estate organization is hiring the right people. According to the 2012 Economic Census there were just over 86,000 offices of real estate agents or brokers in the United States. How can your agency rise to the top of this crowded field?

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