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Networking: The Difference in Knowing and Doing
Ko Kuwabara, PhD, Claudius A. Hildebrand, PhD, and Xi Zou, PhD
Networking can be a difficult issue for real estate professionals, and navigating that reality is key to successfully expanding professional ties to produce benefit for a firm, client, or project. This research examines how individuals' mindsets about networking affect their motivation to engage in networking

INSIDER: The Culture Code
Arjun Azavedo, MBA Candidate
In his book, The Culture Code, Daniel Coyle draws from a unique range of anecdotes and experiences to display how finding similarities in diverse groups can aid in effective leadership and communication

Sharing Market Intelligence Among Salespeople
Zachary R. Hall, PhD, Ryan R. Mullins, PhD, Niladri Syam, PhD, and Jeffrey P. Boichuk, PhD
Understanding the changing dynamics of customers and competitors in your market is a cornerstone for maintained success. This information, known as market intelligence, helps improve decision-making, especially in real estate. But how do we utilize it in an agency context to bolster sales?

Boundary Conditions of Ethical Leadership: Stress as a Potential Inhibitor
Matthew J. Quade, PhD, Sara Jansen Perry, PhD, and Emily M. Hunter, PhD
In this article, we study the relationship between ethical leadership and employee deviance and turnover intentions, considering the role of hindrance stress from the leader and the job. Our findings show that ethical leaders who also impose additional demands are perceived to miss the mark in providing proper social support are likely to have deviant or withdrawing employees

Salesperson Ambidexterity and Customer Satisfaction
Raj Agnihotri, PhD, Colin B. Gabler, PhD, Omar S. Itani, PhD,
Fernando Jaramillo, PhD, and Michael T. Krush, PhD

To remain competitive, salespeople must provide excellent service while still reaching their sales quotas. When these two ideas converge, sales-service ambidexterity is achieved. But how can sales managers encourage their sales associates to reach this medium?

The Influence of Political Skill on Sales Outcomes
Jie Li, PhD, Gong Sun, PhD, and Zhiming Cheng, PhD
It is widely recognized that political skill enables employees to secure valuable resources within their own companies and to promote positive outcomes with customers. In this article, we examine the effect of political skill in the sales context and draw conclusions for real estate professionals

INSIDER: The Multigenerational Sales Team
Clint Ratliff, MBA Candidate
Buyer and seller markets are now comprised of multiple generations that not only see the world differently, but also value vastly different lifestyles. While the differences between generations provide obstacles to overcome, it is also important to recognize the accessibility, innovation and collaboration these differences provide for the workplace

Networking Benefits for Real Estate Professionals: Men and Women are Different
Gerrard Macintosh, PhD and Michael Krush, PhD
Research shows that men and women network differently and benefit differently from networking. In our research, we examine different types of networking benefits for female and male real estate professionals which allows us to offer suggestions for more effective networking

Reducing Employee Cynicism and Time Theft Through Empowering Leadership
Natalia M. Lorinkova, PhD and Sara Jansen Perry, PhD
What kind of relationships do you have with those who report to you and with your own boss? We study these relationships in conjunction with empowering leadership to suggest that the better these relationships are, the better position leaders are in to positively influence their employees

Combatting a Stigma Begins with You
Sven Mikolon, PhD, Glen E. Kreiner, PhD, and Jan Wieseke, PhD
Stigma is inherently problematic for any worker but is particularly detrimental for real estate agents and other sales representatives. Stigma can be detrimental to agents because job performance and personal well-being depend greatly on favorable interactions with customers

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