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Pricing Strategies: The Difference of a Digit
Lingjiang Lora Tu, PhD and Chris Pullig, PhD
In real estate, it is universally agreed that strategic pricing plays a huge role in determining how quickly a house will sell; yet there are still questions on how pricing affects different people

Shaping Homeowner Pricing Decisions
Katherine E. Loveland, PhD, Naomi Mandel, PhD, and Utpal M. Dholakia, PhD
During the housing crisis, many homeowners continued to ask unreasonably high prices for their homes. This reluctance to lower asking prices created an excess supply of more than 6 million homes

INSIDER: Thinking, Fast and Slow in Real Estate Sales
Mark McMullen, JD/MBA Candidate
Our decision-making processes utilize two systems in our minds that function very differently, yet work together to help us analyze situations and draw conclusions. Dr. Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow explores the interaction between the automatic system and the conscious system..

Why Real Estate Agents Should Care about Buyer Usage Intent
Aaron R. Brough, PhD and Mathew S. Isaac, MBA, PhD
Sellers want to find a good home for their most cherished possessions and may be willing to sacrifice personal profit to ensure that this objective is met. Their willingness to accept an offer can depend on whether they agree or disagree with how the buyer plans to use the product

What's the Best Thank You?
Peggy Liu, BS, Cait Lamberton, PhD, and Kelly Haws, PhD
Acknowledgments and thank yous are given every day in nearly all professions, from real estate to acting to retail shopping.  Though such thank yous are common, people rarely put much thought into how various forms of such acknowledgements might be received differently. 

What Makes Working in Sales Satisfying: Who You Work With or What You Work For?
Kirk Wakefield, PhD
What makes your work satisfying? Does what drives you to succeed ultimately lead you to be satisfied with your job? Compared to most other things, which of these best describe what motivates you to reach your goals?

The Cost of Choosing: Cognitive Resource Depletion in the Home Buying Process
Vanessa G. Perry, PhD and J.D. Lee, PhD
Does expending more effort make consumers smarter? We question the intuitive assumption that consumers will make better decisions based on the..

Housing & Health Care: Why Should You Care?
Dennis Thé, MBA Candidate
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the major components of spending - food, housing apparel and services, transportation, health care, entertainment, and..

Using Online Reviews in Creative Selling
Katherine Taken Smith, DBA and W. Glynn Mangold, PhD
Think about the last time you purchased a book or selected a movie to see. How did you go about it? The chances are that your decision was influenced by what someone else..

INSIDER: Seller Financing - When You Can't Bank on the Bank
Rachel Watson, JD, MBA Candidate
With banks applying stricter guidelines to conventional real estate mortgages, many buyers have found it difficult to qualify for home loans. It is estimated that forty percent..

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