Finance, Insurance & Real Estate

The Finance curriculum consists of two main areas of study - corporate finance and investments. Corporate finance explores which assets a firm should acquire, how to raise funds to purchase them, and how to manage acquired assets to maximize the value of the firm. Investments includes how to value stocks, bonds, and other financial securities; the theory and practice of portfolio management; and the functioning of the securities markets.

Career opportunities for students with a major in Finance include corporate finance, credit management, financial consulting, investments/investment banking, and commercial banking.

For more information about the Finance major and suggested semester schedule, click here.

I. University/BBA Core --
II. Finance Major Required Courses 6 hours
FIN 4365 - Investment Analysis
At least one from: FIN 4335, 4350, 4360
III. Finance Electives 9 hours
Select 9 hours from the following : 9 hours
FIN 3305 - Principles of Risk Management and Insurance*
GTX 3351 - Great Texts in Business
Fin 3405 - Principles of Real Estate*
FIN 4186 - Small-Cap Investing II
FIN 4285 - Small-Cap Investing I
FIN 4310 - Entrepreneurial Finance
FIN 4315 - Baylor Angel Network Practicum (only 3 hours may count towards the Finance major)
FIN 4331 - International Business Finance
FIN 4335 - Business Risk Management
FIN 4339 - Real Estate Investments
FIN 4340 - Real Estate Finance
FIN 4350 - Financial Modeling
FIN 4360 - Advanced Corporate Finance
FIN 4361 - Short-Term Financial Management
FIN 4363 - Mergers and Acquisitions
FIN 4366 - Options, Futures and Other Derivatives
FIN 4370 - Financial Analysis and Banking
FIN 4381 - Practicum in Portfolio Management
FIN 4V98 - Special Studies in Finance

* - Either FIN 3305 or FIN 3405, but not both

IV. Accounting Electives (Choose 1) 3 hours
Select one (1) of the following : 3 hours
ACC 3305 - Intermediate Accounting I
ACC 4377 - Personal and Business Tax Planning
Core + 18 hours

Recommended extra courses: ACC 3306, ECO courses (especially 3305, 3306 or 3307), risk management and real estate courses, and professional selling courses such as MKT 3310.

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