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Hankamer Scholars FAQs

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Hankamer Scholars Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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Frequently Asked Questions (Click each question for additional information)
View More Information What are the differences and similarities between the Baylor Business Fellows Program and the Hankamer Scholars Program?
View More Information How does the Hankamer Scholars Program compare to the traditional Pre-Business Program?
View More Information Can I apply to other special programs at Baylor like the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core (BIC) or Honors Program?

Yes, Hankamer Scholars can participate in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core (BIC) or Honors Program programs. Interested students should contact those areas for additional information.

View More Information Can a Scholar have a Pre-Law or Pre-Medical designation (i.e. Pre-Med, Pre-Dent, Pre-PT etc.)?


View More Information Can I apply for Hankamer Scholars if my application to Baylor University is “in progress” and not completed?

No, your Baylor Application must be completed.

View More Information If I am a Freshman beginning in the Spring semester or a transfer student, can I participate in the Hankamer Scholar program?

Unfortunately no. At this time, the Hankamer Scholars program is only open to First-Time Freshmen beginning at Baylor in the Summer or Fall semesters.

View More Information Where is the application for Hankamer Scholars?

It is located in your goBAYLOR account. It will be made visible on October 1st. If it is not visible and you have completed your application to Baylor please email

View More Information If I am a “test optional” student, what extra steps are needed to apply?

You must already have received approved credit for MTH 1320 or MTH 1321, or take the ALEKS Placement Exam and score an 80 or higher to place into MTH 1321. Please note the ALEKS Math Placement Exam will not be available until mid-March.

View More Information Is there a deadline to apply for the Hankamer Scholars Program?

Students who apply by April 1st, will be notified by April 15th. For students who apply after April 1st, acceptance is subject to availability in Program.

View More Information What courses does a student in the Hankamer Scholars Program take during the first year?

Here is aTypical First-Year Schedule for Hankamer Scholars.

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