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Frequently Asked Questions

Business Undergraduate Programs

I will be on campus for Orientation, can I meet with an advisor in person?

  • No, all advising appointments for Business students are virtual. In-person appointments are not available.

Why am I listed as Pre-Business?

  • Students interested in studying business begin as a Pre-business major unless admitted into the Baylor Business Fellows or Hankamer Scholars programs. They remain Pre-business until successfully completing the requirements to be admitted to the Business School and select a specific major.

If I apply to the Business School, is there a chance I will not get in?

  • Students successfully completing the Admission Requirements are admitted.

When do I declare a major and take classes in a major?

  • Once students meet the Admission Requirements, they will apply to the Business School with their academic advisor and select a business major. Pre-Business students usually apply in the second semester of sophomore year; however, this can be earlier or later depending on the student's credits. Hankamer Scholars typically apply in the second semester of the first year.

Do my dual credit or transfer courses count towards my Baylor GPA?

  • Only Baylor classes impact your Baylor GPA. Transferred credit does not impact your Baylor GPA.

When will I receive a copy of my schedule?

  • Once your advisor registers you, your schedule is immediately viewable in the BearWeb system.

When can I change my Fall schedule after my orientation advising appointment?

  • Your advisor will be unable to change your schedule after your advising appointment has concluded. However, beginning July 6th students can make changes to their schedule in BearWeb. Instructions on how to do so can be found here.

What is the best link to search for openings in classes?

When will I know who my assigned advisor will be?

  • Your advisor will reach out to you in order to schedule your New Student Advising appointment. This advisor should remain your assigned advisor for the Fall semester.

What is the ALEKS Math exam and do I need to take it?

  • Pre-Business students may take it if not satisfied with their math placement based on your SAT/ACT scores, but it is not required. See the module selecting the right Math course for more information. Please note if you are test optional, you will only be able to register for MTH 1308 (Business Pre-Calculus) unless you take the ALEKS Math exam.
  • Hankamer Scholar students who are test optional must already have received approved credit for MTH 1320 or MTH 1321, or take the ALEKS Placement Exam and score an 80 or higher to place into MTH 1321.

Do I need to take a language placement exam?

  • Only if you plan to take a foreign language and do not want to start at the first level. The only Business major requiring a foreign language is International Business. See the module on language placement for more information.

Does the Business School require a Mac or Windows-based computer?

  • While the Business School doesn’t require a specific computer, students desiring to work on assignments and prepare for exams outside of the Business School’s limited computer lab facilities will need a computer capable of loading Windows. Mac computer users should check the system requirements to see if their computer can run a dual boot with Windows using Boot Camp or Parallels. Please be advised that some Business courses (including the first-year BUS 1350 course) require students to utilize a Windows-based computer to complete assignments and prepare for exams. Please also note that exceptions in these courses will not be made because a student does not have access to a Windows-based computer off campus or if the computer labs are not available.
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