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Degree Plan

Business Undergraduate Programs

See below for the details of the 2021-2022 BBA degree plan.

I. University Requirements
Chapel 2 Semesters
Required Courses 9 hours
REL 1310 Christian Scriptures
REL 1350 Christian Heritage
PSC 1387 The U.S. Constitution, Its Interpretation,and the American Political Experience
II. Mathematics and Lab Sciences 10 hours
Math Courses 3-6 hours
MTH 1308 Precalculus for Business Students (or MTH 1320)
MTH 1309 Calculus for Business Students (or MTH 1321)
Choose a laboratory science: 4 hours
Laboratory Science Course
III. Research Writing Course 3 hours
Chose three hours from the following: 3 hours
ENG 1310 Writing and Academic Inquiry Seminars
CLA 1304 Research Writing
PHI 1301 Topics in Philosophy
IV. Literature 3 hours
Chose three hours from the following: 3 hours
ENG 2301 British Literature
ENG 2306 World Literature
ENG 2310 American Literary Cultures
CLA 2301 Literature of Ancient Greece
CLA 2302 Literature of Ancient Rome
CLA 2306 Greek and Roman Mythology
GTX 2301 Intellectual Traditions of the Ancient World: Literature and Thought
GTX 2302 Medieval Intellectual Traditions: Literature and Thought in Context
GTX/THEA 3341 Master Works in Drama
PHI 2303 Philosophy in Literature
REL 3301 Psalms and Wisdom Literature
REL 3308 The Literature of the Pentateuch: Narrative, Poetry, Genealogy, and Law
FRE 3312 Children's Literature in French
FRE 3315 Panorama of French Theater
SPA 3305 Introduction to Hispanic Literature
Or Other Foreign Literature
V. Fine Arts 5-6 hours
Chose three hours from the following: 3 hours
ARTH 1300 Introduction to Art
ARTH 2302 Survey of Western Art I
ARTH 2303 Survey of Western Art II
FDM/JOU 1303 Introduction to Mass Communication
FDM 1309 Introduction to Film
MUS 1321 Engaging with Music
THEA 1301 Acting 1: Realism
THEA 1306 Introduction to Theatre
VI. Personal Development 2 hours
PUBH 1145 Health & Human Behavior
Lifetime Fitness Course
VII. Contemporary Social Issues 6 hours
Required Course 3 hours
HIS 1300 The United States in Global Perspective
Chose three hours from the following: 3 hours
ANT 1306 Cultural Anthropology in Global Context
ANT 1325 Introduction to Global Health
AS 4302 Preparation for Commissioning
ENV 2376 Environment and Society
LING 1305 Language in Society
MILS 4302 Advanced Leadership II
PHI 1308 Contemporary Moral Problems
SOC 1305 Introduction to Sociology
SWO 2320 Human Diversity and Leadership
WGS 2300 Women's and Gender Studies: An Introduction
VIII. Public Speaking 5-6 hours
Choose three hours from the following: 3 hours
CSS 1301 Fundamentals of Public Communication
CSS 1302 Speech for Business and Professional Students
CSS 1304 Argumentation, Discussion and Debate
IX. Communication Option 3-6 hours
Option 1: Complete one modern foreign or classical language through the second level, either 1302 or 1412 3-6 hours
Option 2: Choose 2 courses below 6 hours
Choose one course from:
FDM/JOU 3372 Writing for Media Markets
ENG/PWR 3000-4000 level course
Foreign Language

Choose one course from:
ACC 4350 Business and Professional Ethics for Accountants
AS 3302 US Air Force Leadership Studies II
BUS 3303 Managerial Communications
ENT 3301 Entrepreneurship: Living and Learning
FAS 1311 Modern Language, Cultures and Global Communities
MILS 3302 Intermediate Leadership II
Any Additional 3 hour course from CSS, ENG, FDM, GTX, JOU, LDS, PWR, or Foreign Language
38-50 hours

I. Accounting and Business Law 9 hours
ACC 2303 Financial Accounting
ACC 2304 Managerial Accounting
BL 3305 Legal Environment of Business
II. Business 11 hours
BUS 1101 Connecting to the Hankamer School of Business
BUS 1201 Introduction to Business
BUS 1350 Software Applications for Business Productivity & Decision
BUS 2101 Career Assessment & Discovery
BUS 3101 Career Strategy & Success
BUS 3315 Business Communications
BUS 4385 Strategic Management
III. Economics 6 hours
ECO 2306 Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 2307 Principles of Macroeconomics
IV. Finance 3 hours
FIN 3309 Introduction to Finance
FIN 3310 Introduction to Corporate Finance (required for Accounting,
Economics, and Finance majors)
V. Management Information Systems 3 hours
MIS 3305 Management Information Systems
VI. Management 6 hours
MGT 3305 Leadership & Organizational Behavior
MGT 3325 Operations Management
VII. Marketing 3 hours
MKT 3305 Principles of Marketing
VIII. Quantitative Business Analysis 6 hours
QBA 2302 Business Data Analysis I
QBA 3305 Introduction to Business Analytics
50 hours
I. Coursework within Major Field of Study 12-19 hours
II. Free Electives --
Free Electives must be taken for a grade and are only needed to reach the 124 hour minimum to graduate.
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