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How To Apply

Business Undergraduate Programs

Enrolling at Baylor

To be admitted to the business school, you must first be admitted to Baylor University. See for more information.

Transferring to Baylor

Transfer students desiring to enter Baylor as a Pre-Business student must have a minimum 3.0 GPA from their previous institution(s). Transfer students interested in Baylor can indicate their interest here.

Change of Major

Current Baylor students considering changing their major to Pre-Business can find more information here.

First Year Requirements for the BBA

The student desiring a BBA degree is officially enrolled as a Pre-business student and is advised through University Advisement. In order to continue as a Pre-business major beyond the first year, a student must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours at Baylor; maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA; and complete BUS 1101, BUS 1201, BUS 1350, ENG 1310, MTH 1308/1320 (if needed), and MTH 1309/1321 with a minimum grade of "C" in each course. If these requirements are not met, the student must change degree programs. Students meeting these requirements will then be advised by the Hankamer School of Business Undergraduate Office.

Course Repetition

A student who has declared or desires to declare Pre-business may repeat only once no more than two of: ENG 1310, MTH 1308 or 1320, MTH 1309 or 1321, and the lower core business courses. Any student not meeting this requirement may no longer follow the BBA degree. Students failing any of these courses due to the attendance policy may be required to change degree programs.

Declaring Your Major

To declare a business major, you must formally apply for admission to the business school. Unless you are in the Baylor Business Fellows program, you will likely meet the requirements for admission at the conclusion of your sophomore year.

Requirements for Admission (2020-2021 Catalog Year)

Prior to applying to the business school, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the following courses with a minimum grade of "C":

    • BUS 1101
    • BUS 1201
    • BUS 2101
    • ACC 2303
    • ACC 2304
    • ECO 2306
    • ECO 2307
    • BUS 1350
    • QBA 2302
    • ENG 1310 or BIC 1323 (BIC students only)
    • MTH 1308/1320 (only students requiring Pre-Calculus.)
    • MTH 1309/1321
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (Transfers must have at least 12 hours at Baylor)
  • 60 Hours Earned Credit

Setup a Pre-admission Appointment

After grades have been finalized, you must setup a Pre-Admission Appointment with an advisor.

During the pre-admission appointment, you will:

  • Review admission requirements with your advisor
  • Complete your Application for Admission form
  • Declare a BBA major(s) and non-business minor(s), if applicable
  • Determine graduation date

If at any time you have questions concerning admissions, graduation or issues concerning your academic progress, please feel free to contact your advisor.

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