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The BBA Degree

Business Undergraduate Programs

Find the Program For You

The Hankamer School of Business offers 13 unique majors that will equip you to take the lead in today's competitive marketplace.

Each major will expose you to learning environments that will develop core business knowledge and skills while also instilling a strong, ethical mindset.

BBA Degree Courses

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree is divided into three parts:

  • Arts and Sciences Core

    This 39- to 45-semester-hour core provides the arts and sciences exposure necessary to a balanced education.

  • Professional Business Core

    This 50-semester-hour core introduces you to the economic, political and social environments of the business world. The plan helps develop your understanding of business methods while instilling awareness of social responsibilities.

  • Major Coursework

    At this point you will lay out the foundation for a career in your chosen business field. We offer 13 majors, each requiring 12 to 19 semester hours in a specific field.

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