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Override Request or Waitlist?

Business Undergraduate Programs

Some courses within the Business School utilize a Waitlist while other utilize an Override Request. Knowing which can help you determine what steps you need to take.


More information regarding the Waitlist option can be found on the Registrar's website at

Please note, if there is an open section of the course you are seeking to register for, the Undergraduate Programs Office encourages you to sign up for the open section rather than placing yourself on a Waitlist. There are no guarantees a space will open up for you, so you are encouraged to register for an open section rather than be waitlisted for a full section. Failure to sign up for an open section may delay admission to the Business School or graduation.

Override Request

Some Business School courses do not offer the option of the Waitlist. For these courses, you may fill out the Override Request Form at The request will go to the appropriate department for review. If your request is approved, you will be contacted with additional information regarding signing up for the course.

There are two types of Override Requests:

  • Enrollment Capacity Override - Allows enrollment in specific class section that has met the maximum enrollment capacity. If a course uses the Waitlist function, do NOT submit an Enrollment Capacity Override Request for the course.
  • Prerequisite Override - To be issued for generic (non section specific) course that overrides course prerequisite, course co-requisite, student attribute, field of study (major), classification, or degree restriction for all sections of a course
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