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Business Undergraduate Programs

Business Majors

The Hankamer School of Business offers 16 unique majors and various tracks within those majors that will equip you to take the lead in today's competitive marketplace. Each major will expose you to learning environments that will develop core business knowledge and skills while also instilling a strong, ethical mindset.

Program Name (Click each major for a detailed description)
View More Information Accounting

Degrees offered: BBA

Major description:Accountants develop and communicate financial and other economic information for the purpose of making business decisions. Accounting is an international subject that involves critical thinking and working with people. An accounting major provides broad career opportunities in public accounting (CPA), industry (CMA), and government. Accountants have expertise in accounting, auditing, budgeting, computer systems, financial management, and taxation.

View More Information Baylor Business Fellows

Degrees offered: BBA

Major description:The Baylor Business Fellows major is based on the assumption that students of proven academic excellence may pursue a bachelor of business administration degree with few restrictions on their selection of courses and the methods used to accomplish their work. This major offers the widest latitude in meeting the BBA requirements, allowing the student to specialize in one or more areas in the Business School and/or one or more areas outside the School. Students will prepare for graduate school and analytical careers. Admission is competitive and separate from admission to the University or the School of Business.

View More Information Business for Secondary Education

Degrees offered: BBA

Major description:The business for secondary education with teacher certification major prepares students for teaching basic business courses at the high school level. This major includes all the courses for teacher certification upon graduation. A combination of business and education courses provides a solid background for the student who plans a career in secondary education.

View More Information Economics

Degrees offered: BA, BBA, BS

Major description:Economics provides a theoretical and empirical framework for business. The economics major, combined with the professional business core, is excellent preparation for a business career or graduate study in economics, business or law. Career opportunities include positions in consulting, financial analysis, commercial banking, economic development, and government agencies.

View More Information Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation

Degrees offered: BBA

Major description:The entrepreneurship major offers a unique learning experience to students who aspire to start or secure employment in a business having high growth potential. The major helps students to identify viable career options in entrepreneurship, expand their conceptual knowledge of the entrepreneurship process, and develop a repertoire of venture management skills and techniques. Course work culminates in the development of an actual business plan designed to launch the student’s entrepreneurial career.

View More Information Finance

Degrees offered: BBA

Major description:Finance is the study and practice of decision-making to acquire and manage real and financial assets for the purpose of creating and maintaining economic (market) value. The finance curriculum consists of two main areas of study—corporate finance and investments¬—with electives in commercial banking, entrepreneurial finance, futures and options, international finance, risk management, and short-term financial management. Students with a major in finance may pursue career opportunities in corporate finance, credit management, financial consulting, investments/investment banking, and commercial banking.

View More Information Human Resource Management

Degrees offered: BBA

Major description:The major in human resource management prepares students for business careers that are centered on people. Course work is designed to develop the many skills required of a human resource specialist and focuses on areas such as employee recruitment, placement, performance evaluation, compensation/benefit programs, labor relations, team development, discipline, training/development programs, and career planning. Career opportunities are found in almost all business fields in firms that are large enough to warrant human resource specialists.

View More Information International Business

Degrees offered: BBA

Major description:Successful business professionals must embrace the opportunities and challenges of the new world economy. International business majors choose from specialized courses in accounting, economics, marketing, finance, management, and modern foreign language. International business opportunities are available in almost every sector, including the energy, telecommunications and information technology industries and in banking financial services, multinational corporations, international organizations and government agencies.

View More Information Management

Degrees offered: BBA

Major description:This major prepares students for managerial positions that are a key to the success of any business organization. Course work focuses on the development of skills necessary for the effective and efficient management of organizational resources, and it includes instruction in such areas as leadership development, project management, negotiating and conflict resolution, organizational design, productivity enhancement, employee motivation, and managerial values. Graduates are prepared for leadership positions in a variety of industries including manufacturing, retail, and services.

View More Information Management Information Systems

Degrees offered: BBA

Major description:As the demand for information technology intensifies, majors in Management Information Systems (MIS) are highly marketable. The MIS track prepares students to become information systems professionals who focus on integrating information technology solutions and business processes to meet the information needs of businesses and other enterprises, enabling them to meet their objectives in an effective, efficient way.

View More Information Marketing

Degrees offered: BBA

Major description:Marketing is the organization’s way of interfacing with customers. It involves many activities, all focused on building long term relationships with customers. The curriculum strengthens conceptual and analytical skills and improves verbal and written communication abilities. Choosing from an array of marketing courses, students can prepare for careers in marketing management, advertising, marketing research, retail management, financial services, and marketing for nonprofit organizations. Some students cap their programs with a marketing internship that enables them to explore a specific career opportunity prior to graduation.

View More Information Nonprofit & Development Track
(Track of Marketing Major)

Degrees offered: BBA

Major description:This track prepares graduates to lead nonprofit organizations with particular emphasis on the fund-raising function. Many of the graduates of this program will find opportunity in the “development” function of large and complex nonprofit organizations.

View More Information Professional Selling

Degrees offered: BBA

Major description:The professional selling major prepares students for success in careers that span the spectrum from account representative to vice president of sales and marketing. The sales curriculum cultivates the core skill competencies needed in a competitive, complex and ever changing marketplace. Students are involved in basic selling, managing and growing long-term customer relationships, sales force management and leadership, negotiating, and strategic decision-making.

View More Information Real Estate

Degrees offered: BBA

Major description:The real estate curriculum is designed to prepare students for many different careers in real estate as well as provide them the foundation for graduate study in this field. As part of the curriculum, students are introduced to ARGUS Financial Analysis, the real estate industry's leading property analysis software. Students also will be required to use EXCEL spreadsheet software in real estate finance and real estate investments. With a major in real estate, a student may seek a career in mortgage banking and brokerage, real estate appraisal, real estate development, real estate management/leasing and tenant representation, real estate law, consulting, asset management and commercial/residential/industrial brokerage. All real estate courses may be used in partial fulfillment of Texas Real Estate Commission requirements for licensure.

View More Information Risk Management and Insurance

Degrees offered: BBA

Major description:The risk management and insurance curriculum focuses on the financial and economic characteristics of potential exposures to loss faced by firms and individuals, and the techniques available to minimize the costs associated with such exposures. Employment opportunities may be found in corporate risk management and brokerage consulting, treasury risk management, insurance home office operations, and insurance agency operations.

View More Information Social Entrepreneurship Track
(Track of Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation Major)

Degrees offered: BBA

Major description:The Social Entrepreneurship Track offers an opportunity for entrepreneurship majors who desire to apply business development skills to help those in need. This track helps students identify viable career options in social entrepreneurship, expand knowledge of the entrepreneurial process, and a repertoire of developmental venture management skills and techniques. A major emphasis of the program involves contact with successful, practicing social entrepreneurs and on-site developmental business consulting.

View More Information Sports Strategy & Sales

Degrees offered: BBA

Major description:Students develop expertise in Brand Strategy, Data Strategy, and Sales Leadership to launch business careers in corporations, agencies, professional or collegiate sports, eSports, and entertainment. The extensive experience gained from internships and experiential learning interacting with professionals in coursework and S3 events has led to placement of over 275 graduates since 2006 with major corporations and agencies in sports marketing and pro sports teams, including the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers, FC Dallas, Houston Rockets, Houston Texans, Houston Astros, San Antonio Spurs, New York Yankees, New York Mets, Madison Square Garden, San Diego Padres, Orlando Magic, San Francisco 49ers, San Jose Sharks, Las Vegas Golden Knights, and many more. S3 is your ticket to a career in sports. (Apply during sophomore year.)

View More Information Supply Chain Management

Degrees offered: BBA

Major description:The supply chain management curriculum prepares the students to manage the many activities involved in the creation of goods and services. Students develop the ability to apply problem-solving tools related to productivity improvement, quality control, production scheduling, and materials management, and to present an integrated top-management view of the entire operations function. Entry-level positions in supervision, production planning and control, inventory management, quality assurance, project management, and technical sales provide a wide choice of career options. (Apply sophomore year. Minimum of 3.0 GPA required).

Business Minors

If you wish to study business without pursuing a BBA degree, you have the option to pursue a minor in the following areas of study:

Program Name (Click each minor for a detailed description)
View More Information Business Administration

Requirements for a Minor:

  • ECO 1305
  • ACC 2301
  • MGT 3305
  • MKT 3305
  • BUS 3302
  • ENT 3315

A student must make at least a "C" in each class and have a 2.0 GPA in the minor.

View More Information Economics

Requirements for a Minor:

  • ECO 2306
  • ECO 2307
  • ECO 3306
  • ECO 3305 or 3307
  • 3 hours of 4000 level Economics elective
  • 3 hours of an additional Economics elective

*MTH 1309 or 1321 should be taken to satisfy the math degree requirement. ECO 1301, 1305, 3308 and 3355 do not count toward the Economics minor.

View More Information Entrepreneurship

Requirements for a Minor:

  • ENT 3315
  • MKT 3310
  • ENT 3350 or 4325
  • *Three courses from the following:
    • ACC 2301
    • BUS 3302
    • ENT 3301
    • ENT 4310
    • ENT 4320
    • ENT 4330
    • ENT 4340
    • ENT 4351
    • ENT 4352
    • ENT 4353
    • ENT 4354
    • ENT 4360
    • ENT 4380
    • ENT 4398
    • BUS 4395
    • MGT 3305
    • MKT 3305
    • MKT 3320

*One business or entrepreneurship course can be substituted for one of the required electives listed above to suit the specific academic objectives of the student, subject to the approval of the program director.

View More Information Non-profit Studies

Requirements for a Minor:

  • MKT 3305 - Principles of Marketing
  • MKT 3310 - Professional Selling and Communication for Nonprofit Organizations
  • MKT 3340 - Nonprofit Marketing
  • MKT 3320 or 4340 - Advertising Procedures or Strategic Brand Management
  • MKT 4395* - Internship in a Nonprofit Organization

*Permit only courses for Nonprofit Programs only.
Note: This program is designed to prepare students who have a non-BBA major and wish to give themselves flexibility in planning a career by obtaining a foundation in nonprofit leadership.

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