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While the primary purpose of TEP membership is to offer financial support, the group also provides guidance to and advocacy for the TEI program. Utilizing this foundational program funding, TEI has been able to afford i5 China team projects for prestigious companies such as Dow Corning, Hewlett-Packard, Beckett Asia,The Marco Company and numerous others who likewise support the program through project sponsor fees.

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Charter/Purpose {+-}

The mission of the TEP is to provide advice, guidance, financial support and advocacy for the Technology Entrepreneurship program at Baylor University and the continuing development of its undergraduate and graduate programs. The primary role of the TEP is to provide annual financial support targeting the specific needs of the Technology Entrepreneurship program students, administrators, faculty and staff.

The TEP also serves as an advocacy group both on campus and off and will assist in promoting a positive image and good relations for the Technology Entrepreneurship program, specifically with regards to placement of the students completing the TEI program.

Objectives {+-}

The TEP will support the Technology Entrepreneurship program:

Two connections brought about The Marco Company's participation in i5:

  1. through a multi-year commitment (preferably 3 years) of a minimum of $20,000 each year.
  2. in identifying opportunities, and developing strategies and supporting their achievement.
  3. by assisting the faculty in assessing the preparation of graduates for the job market and helping faculty stay in tune with trends in industry and the economy.
  4. by supplementing the existing career counseling and placement services in assisting the program's undergraduate and graduate students in finding internships and other job opportunities.
  5. by providing students with opportunities for professional experiences such as collaborative/consulting projects related to the topic of technology commercialization.

Membership {+-}

To receive member status each company must pledge to support the TEI program with a minimum of $20,000/year for a minimum of three years. TEP members will be solicited by the TEI Program Director, Dean, Executive Director of Development, and current Board members. The TEI Program Director will consult with program faculty and staff in identifying appropriate industry leaders to avoid conflict of interest issues between members.

Upon completion of a financial commitment, a member who does not wish to continue as a member of the TEP will continue to be recognized as a TEI supporter and will receive regular communications from the program director and staff.

Meetings {+-}

"The TEP will meet with the TEI Advisory Board, faculty, students and staff in the fall of each academic year on dates established by the TEI Program Director in consultation with the Board.

Meeting formats will vary depending on agenda, setting, and timing but will typically be informal to encourage open discussion. The ultimate goal of this meeting is to update the strategic plans for the TEI program. It will also provide members with the opportunity to interact with and advise the students presenting projects completed within the TEI program.

Most meetings will take place on the University's campus in Waco. Occasional special topic meetings may be conducted through teleconferencing or held at other locations.