Baylor University
Technology Entrepreneurship Initiative

Invest in Technology Futures

TEI is Baylor Universityís ground breaking initiative designed to prepare students to compete at a high level, bringing them ďout of the gateĒ exceptional job offers in the technology entrepreneurship sector.

A variety of Investors offer a dynamic future to students and accelerate in-the-pipeline projects for real world Innovators. They are, in fact, helping to change the very nature of technology commercialization:

  • Technology Entrepreneurship Partners

    Our Technology Entrepreneurship Partners are corporate sponsors that invest in Baylorís program through a multi-year financial commitment and lend counsel to the TEI program in numerous ways.

  • Scholarship Donors

    Scholarship Donors are critical to our success. We offer students both need-based and merit scholarships, seeking to recruit top students, not simply those who can afford the experience.

  • Innovators

    Innovators are the Investors who activate and energize TEIís real world engagements. For a cost-effective fee, these technology entrepreneurs integrally work with a TEI Team in the U.S. or China to commercialize their inventions.

  • University Partners

    TEI continuously searches out highly qualified University Partners whose own Business and Engineering departments excel in rankings as do Baylorís. These universities propel the cross-cultural experience for Baylorís TEI teams.