Baylor University
Technology Entrepreneurship Initiative

Top Recruits Collaborate

~ you have successfully worked in a cross-disciplinary team for a real world entrepreneur to bring a technology innovation to market.

What’s exceptional? Technology companies rarely see:

  • A newly minted engineer with business experience.
  • A business school grad who can collaborate with engineers.

Baylor’s TEI program offers a series of cross-disciplinary courses in technology entrepreneurship for engineering and business students as well as law students studying intellectual property law. The program is an opportunity to enter a trial-by-fire consulting team engagement in the U.S. or China. The i5 summer program in Shanghai is the premier capstone experience and heralded by many students as a resumé magnet for corporate recruiters.

Both need-based and merit scholarships are available.

Listen as John Carreker, former President and CEO of ALI Solutions, discusses the difference he sees in graduates of the TEI program. An Employer's Perspective (Video)

The Recruiter

“We’re becoming a global company and here was Bryan Gregory, a guy who was proving himself in global competence. And he was embedded in our Shanghai office for a summer. Who gets all that in a new hire!”
~ Craig Nickell
President, The Marco Company

The Hire

“I went from being Marco’s i5 Team leader in China to being Marco’s own company liaison on its next two i5 projects. TEI really enlarged my skill sets in product development and logistics.”
~ Bryan Gregory, MBA 2008
Senior Information Systems Manager, The Marco Company