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Baylor ProSales Launches a New Competition

Oct. 4, 2021

Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling launched a fifth competition this year, the Baylor Business Business Acumen (BBBA) competition, designed to focus students on learning the acronyms and technical terminology used in sales and general business. The competition was designed by a ProSales Alumnus, Zach Arthur, as an independent study project during his Senior year. Zach conducted secondary research of books, articles and websites to identify more than 400 terms and acronyms. He then screened the initial vocabulary list through a survey of pre-business students to eliminate the terms they knew prior to college. Using the resulting list of “unfamiliar” terms, Zach surveyed sales professionals to identify the “most important” terms and acronyms. The final vetting process involved surveying Baylor faculty who identified the terms and acronyms that students struggle to learn. The remaining 100 terms and acronyms served as the basis for the BBBA competition.

The BBBA competition engaged 78 ProSales students in a timed competition whereby students had to select the correct definition for these 100 business terms and acronyms. Cash prizes are awarded to top four performers and the top ten individual finishers included:

2021 BBBA Winners


1. Benjamin Nopper
2. Tyler Spears
3. Jake Morrow
4. Jackson Rhoades
5. Max Kleiner
6. Islay Lyttle
7. Kelsey Boehme
8. Aaron Schaff
9. Andres Cruz-Maldonado
10. Hannah Tobben

The first-place finisher in this competition, Benjamin Nopper, shared, “the BBBA was a perfect representation of how much we, as ProSales students, love to compete. This business acumen competition took place live and in-person, and the leaderboard updated after every question. I loved the added element of pressure, and it elevated my desire to compete and win.”

“We continue to expand the experiential learning opportunities offered to our ProSales students so each graduating class gains strength and capabilities beyond the preceding class. We believe that Baylor continues to lead in the academic sales landscape because we are constantly innovating to improve the student learning experience. Like our students, we challenge ourselves to grow every year,” said Dr. Andrea Dixon, executive director of the Center for Professional Selling.

About the Center for Professional Selling

Dedicated to excellence in sales education and based in the university's Hankamer School of Business, the Center for Professional Selling is recognized as one of the premier global information resources for the sales profession. For more information on the Center for Professional Selling, visit

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