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Student Feature - Amanda Fernandez

Sept. 20, 2021

Headshot of Amanda Fernandez

Prepared to Succeed

Growing up in a family with Puerto Rican and Cuban heritage, Amanda Fernandez is completely fluent in Spanish. Proud of her upbringing, she brings this unique cultural understanding to everything she does. The ProSales program has allowed her to build on her communication skills, learn how to network effectively, and create relationships that have grown her understanding of the business world and the different career paths available.

Coupled with a passion for relationship building is her desire to problem solve. Amanda believes that understanding people and their motivations enables her to effectively help them solve their problems. Applying this mindset to a recent classroom roleplay, Amanda’s team quickly built trust and worked to receive the highest score.

Other skills she has learned in the classroom that are easily transferable to other parts of life include organization and discipline. Equipped with these skills, her hard work, and determination, Amanda is confident the ProSales program will have prepared her to succeed in any role she takes on in the future.

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