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Student Feature - Baylor Payne

March 26, 2021

Headshot of Baylor Payne

Investing in the Future

First-generation college student, Baylor Payne has taken full advantage of his college experience and career. He actively served on Student Foundation, the Baylor Consulting Club and Student Government. Throughout his involvement in varying roles, he has been able to impact thousands of Baylor students through the organization’s legislative activities. Outside of college, Baylor has a passion for real estate. He is a licensed agent and has sold residential and rural acreage properties. He enjoys having a productive money-making hobby.

Baylor believes that the ProSales program has equipped him well for the world of consulting. He expanded his impact by completing the KPMG internship over the summer.Through interactive role play and case studies, his courses have exposed him to real-world business challenges and have better prepared him to engage in such situations.

He has been able to develop his professional skills through connecting with hundreds of executives from a variety of industries and through traveling across the country for sales competitions. Driven by a passion to learn and help others, he strives to keep up with best practices and new innovations in industry in order to provide high quality insights for his future customers.

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