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Top Finishers of BBBD Sales Competition Announced

Oct. 9, 2019

2019 BBBD Winners


(From left to right) Haley Otts, Islay Lyttle, Saylor Yoos, Abraham Lipets, Travis Scheibmeir, Lauren Hills, Laurel Foster, Dillon Fontaine, Anderson Harris, Josh Rocconi, Sam Whitaker

After the Fall Top Gun Training program, Baylor’s Center for Professional Selling engaged ProSales students in the Baylor Business Business Development (BBBD) competition, an experiential learning exercise focused on the pre-call planning and business development steps of the sales process.

The competition engaged 70 ProSales students who established strategies for identifying prospective buyers for a process automation company. Students developed a pre-call plan for contacting prospects and initiating contact via telephone and email. Their goal in the process was to obtain a face-to-face meeting to discuss how human work is enhanced by robotic software.

Top BBBD finishers include:

1.   Lauren Hills
2.   Abraham Lipers
3.   Dillon Fontaine
4.   Islay Lyttle
5.   Josh Rocconi
6.   Laurel Foster
6.   Travis Scheibmeir
7.   Sam Whitaker
8.   Saylor Yoos
9.   Anderson Harris
10.   Haley Otts

“The BBBD competition challenges students to apply what they have learned in the classroom and attribute those skills into real-world situations. I am honored to have finished in first place in this competition and am very thankful to the ProSales program for providing me with the tools to achieve this level of professional growth,” noted Lauren Hills, the first-place finisher and a Senior in Baylor’s Professional Selling program.

To facilitate judging, the center posted all competitor materials (pre-call plans, voice mails, emails) on a secure website which was accessed virtually by 61 judges. Primarily business executives, these judges used standardized scoring rubrics to each assess five-seven competitors. After completing their judging assignments, executives were able to view all of the competitors’ materials as they consider their hiring priorities. ProSales students can access competition materials now that the competition is completed. Cash prizes are awarded to top performers.

“We continue to build out our student learning opportunities in the Professional Selling program. I’m excited to give students the opportunity to review all competition entries to see how they stack up against their peers in this business situation,” said Dr. Andrea Dixon, executive director of the Center for Professional Selling.

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