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Student Feature - Travis Scheibmeir

March 13, 2020

Headshot of Travis Scheibmeir

Travis is very passionate about sports and outdoor activities. This enthusiasm for competitive sports carries over into his work, giving Travis a strong drive to win -- to achieve the best results. He also knows that any competitor who wants to be the best must practice diligently. Travis relies on practice to fuel his drive to win.

Of all his accomplishments at Baylor, Travis is most proud of being a part of the Dream Team, the NCAA male practice squad for the Lady Bears basketball team. Travis is also a double major in Professional Selling and Management. He credits the ProSales program with teaching him to successfully handle sales calls and prospecting. He applied these skills to his summer internship, where he was the highest selling rookie.

With his drive to achieve, Travis will do well as he starts his career at Paradox.

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