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Student Feature - Chad Brown

Aug. 31, 2018

By the time he graduated from high school, Chad had already lived in four different countries: Thailand, Indonesia, Norway, and Scotland. His dad was a geologist for Chevron, so their family moved frequently. Chad enjoyed the experiences that accompany living in new places: learning about new cultures and trying exotic foods. Moving so frequently taught Chad to be adaptable. Learning how to make new friends while maintaining existing relationships taught Chad interpersonal skills. Because of his determination, the challenges he faced developed into his strengths. In fact, “learner” is a great word to describe Chad as he is always learning from his mistakes and looking to develop new strengths.

At Baylor, Chad is a dual major in ProSales and Marketing. He serves in leadership roles on a variety of committees including the Professional Development Program committee and the committee for the Alpha Tau Omega Bed Races philanthropy event. He credits the ProSales program with strengthening his networking and time management skills. Chad believes that sales is about building relationships and adding value, and he looks forward to contributing these skills at 3M.

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