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Student Feature - Abbi Armstrong

Sept. 7, 2018

Abbi loves adventure- one of her favorite hobbies is scuba diving- and she likes new and exciting experiences. She also loves to build consistent and deep relationships, and if there’s one word to describe Abbi, it’s passionate. Abbi is passionate about making a difference in the world. This passion has been demonstrated throughout her life, as she has traveled to 16 different countries to experience local culture and attend a mission trip every year since her freshman year of high school.

At Baylor, Abbi has continued to make a difference, influencing the lives of those around her. Abbi is pursuing a dual major in ProSales and Management. She has demonstrated leadership through roles she has held within her sorority, the most recent of which is Director of Communications. As she interacts with peers and professionals outside of the classroom, Abbi strives to be empathetic, actively listen, and provide valuable feedback, principles she has learned in the ProSales program. Abbi feels that the ProSales program has prepared her well to continue making a difference at Paycom.

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