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Student Feature - Lauren March

Feb. 23, 2018

It’s been said that cooking and baking are both an art and a science. For senior Lauren March, cooking and baking provide a unique context for fostering strong bonds with her mother (and grandmother). Throughout her life, Lauren and her mother have travelled to new locations and made it a point to sit at the chef’s tables in restaurants around the world. In listening and observing, Lauren has learned countless new techniques and skills that impact her work in the kitchen.

In much the same way, Lauren has applied ProSales classroom learning to real-world situations and noticed a tremendous difference in the way she handles situations. With a passion for helping others and a desire to share common experiences, Lauren credits the ProSales program with helping her achieve her goals.

Lauren looks forward to continuing to focus on her passions and starting her sales career with Swingle Collins & Associates after graduation.

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